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Workwear for ever-changing winter days

Keeping warm and dry when working through the winter months requires something extra from your workwear. In addition, many construction sites demand that your workwear hold the visibility certification EN ISO 20471. Get it all in two newly developed ranges from MASCOT.
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US Ambassador visits MASCOT Laos

On the same day as the changing of guard in The White House, MASCOT had a distinguished visit by the new US Ambassador to Laos, Ms. Rena Bitter.
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New Year’s party at MASCOT Vietnam

In the next couple of weeks, the activity level at MASCOT’s offices and factories in Vietnam not be as high it use to be. This is because the majority of the employees have gone on their New Year’s holiday to celebrate Têt, the biggest Vietnamese holiday of the year. On Saturday, 28 January, the new year begins; the year of the rooster.
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Passion for workwear and motoring

Heart, courage, race driving abilities and a good sense of direction are some of the things it takes to be able to participate in and complete a Dakar Rally.
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MASCOT enters the rail market with GO/RT 3279 certified products

MASCOT is entering the rail market by offering a wide range of price competitive GO/RT 3279 certified workwear. The GO/RT 3279 catalogue contains a number of products from MASCOT holding the important railway certification.
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MASCOT is once again testing workwear under extreme conditions

MASCOT is again set to test our workwear under extreme conditions by being part of one of the world’s toughest and most extreme races, the Dakar Rally, in January 2017.
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Stop using energy just to stay warm

Stop using all of your energy just to stay warm in cold and wet winter weather. MASCOT has integrated the recognised insulation material PrimaLoft® in several different jackets to help you stay warm as the temperature starts to drop.
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Distinguished visitors at MASCOT’s production in Laos

“It is fantastic to see such a nice factory in our country. I hope that more investors will follow your example.”
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Denmark’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Kristian Jensen, visited MASCOT in Vietnam

Denmark’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen, visited MASCOT Vietnam today. The minister showed great interest in getting a closer look at how MASCOT’s products are made.
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MASCOT Laos is placed at the top of social standards

After months of preparations, MASCOT Laos is finally SA 8000-certified. The first company in Laos certified after the more stringent criteria in SA 8000/2014.
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