MASCOT in uniform

– on a mission in Afghanistan
Afghanistan - news 2009
Friday, October 2, 2009
MASCOT Workwear can now also be found on a group of civilian tradesmen in Afghanistan that are helping keep buildings and infrastructure in order at Camp Shorabak in Helmand province.

A team of 12 engineers and craftsmen at Karup Air Base in Denmark, called an OMLT team have been sent through NATO by the Danish Armed Forces to help Afghans independently operate a barracks with 4000 soldiers. OMLT team shall amongst other things instruct the barracks Facility Engineer how the department in the future should build, maintain and service buildings and installations.

A group of civilian craftsmen, from the Department of Public Works – DPW, are attached to this project. As the DPW did not provide clothing for staff, it is hard to see the difference between the base workers and other civilians in the area. Furthermore, the worker’s own clothes are not particularly well suited for the work to be performed. The wish was to give workers a sense of belonging to a team bound together by their profession – a kind of professional pride. Soldiers have their uniform and rank – there should also be a proposal for the craftsmen. And it demands real Workwear!

After referral from one of the bases engineers, MASCOT has sponsored Workwear to the group of DPW. Toledo Trousers, Gerona Jackets and Gibraltar belts were sent to Afghanistan. The Workwear was received with great delight from all concerned. »The delivery of the new Workwear created great pride and happiness amongst all the employees and a sense of unity prevailed in the DPW Department at Camp Shorabak,« reported a Danish member of OMLT. »The chests of most of the craftsmen rose after receipt of their Workwear and it was clear that several of them felt they had just been promoted from being a civilian worker to now being an integral part of Afghanistan’s daily struggle to achieve a better future.«

There has only been positive feedback about the workwear and now that the workers are dressed in MASCOT the team from DPW is being noticed.