NEW T-shirts

for craftsmen with style
T-shirt with Print - Model - Press 2011
Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion dictates prints inspired often by cartoons – something the users of workwear should of course also benefit from. So this spring MASCOT will introduce a line of T-shirts with masculine prints with a humoristic edge.

Today, young wearers of workwear make conscious choices of what to wear on a daily basis. At the moment, fashion states that the clothes should look casual and a little randomly chosen, even though you choose the clothes very deliberately.

MASCOT’s 2011-T-shirts are for wearers of workwear who want to stand out a little from the crowd – in a relaxed way. They are for the person who is looking for something a little different from the normal one-coloured T-shirts year after year. So these T-shirts will also only be available in a limited number, they are part of MASCOT’s ‘limited edition’ programme 2011. MASCOT’s designers have found inspiration for the themes of these T-shirts from the classical craftsman’s trades; reproduced in a humoristic way.

3 Work T-shirts - 2011 Press

The three new T-shirt styles are part of an ambitious and extensive range of brand new workwear for craftsmen that MASCOT is introducing in the fall. With this range we will return to the old virtues of cool jeans, lumberjack shirts and smart jackets in a retro style with a modern twist of fit and details. Function and comfort are as always put first – and the style makes you think about the last century’s urban settings in USA. The range is called MASCOT®ROCKS – among other reasons because it will rock the conventions of traditional workwear.

The T-shirts will be available at your local distributor from 1st April. Other products of MASCOT® ROCKS are available from November.