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MASCOT® Langley - Safety Shoe - 2013
Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Safety Footwear is anything but heavy and stiff when you look at MASCOTs six new models that capture design inspiration from stylistic sports cars.

The inspiration from sports cars is evident in the raw carbon look and sporty lines.

Horsepower and Unlimited Top Speed

Unlike typical sports models, these are durable and economical for off-road work on uneven surfaces. There is plenty of room in the cabin and secure support for the foot. The wearer finds horsepower via their own manpower (two models for woman-power) and comes quickly out of the starting blocks. It is only the wearer that sets the limit for maximum speed.

Extra Security

In the new range of safety footwear from MASCOT, smart design, great comfort and high security had prime focus in the development process. The soles have passed all tests for slip resistance and have reached the highest standard in the market, SRC. At the same time, the soles are highly durable and equipped with great ladder grip. They are designed for prolonged work on ladders or uneven surfaces with an elongated stabilising action in the shoe at the very place where there is the greatest load.

Safety ankle boots - MASCOT® Preston - 2013

Light, flexible and comfortable

Security is a must, smart design is a big plus, but comfort in safety footwear is not something that just anyone can provide. But the new models from MASCOT do just that. MASCOT has insisted on developing a new generation of safety footwear with extra shock absorption, a light sole construction with flexible textile midsole, and good support to keep the feet fresh all day long.

Smart ergonomics

On the whole, security and comfort go into all the parts. The special aluminium toecaps protect in accordance with the safety standard, and because of their relatively low weight, help to reduce the overall weight of the shoe. At the same time they are ergonomically shaped to protect a larger area when compared to conventional toecaps. The edges of the arches go slightly upwards, so there is nothing there that pinches or irritates when bending your foot.

For a workday with many steps

The new safety footwear caters to those who take many steps in their safety footwear everyday and therefore, first and foremost, need comfortable footwear. With powerful toe reinforcements, we are also talking about footwear with high durability for a variety of functions where the shoes are burdened and loaded and are subject to wear and dirt.

Six new models

The new footwear has all the same basic features but is designed in six different models, each with different characteristics and niche properties.

2013 Press - Safety footwear

MASCOT® Preston Safety Boots with laces
MASCOT® Langley Safety Shoes with laces
MASCOT® Langley Lady Safety Shoes with laces (ladies model)
MASCOT® Sanford Safety Shoe with hook and loop band fastening
MASCOT® Eagle Safety Sandal with hook and loop band fastening
MASCOT® Eagle Lady Safety Sandal with hook and loop band fastening (ladies model)

Now in stock at a MASCOT distributor near you. Ladies models, however, only in stock from December.