Plagiarized products are also a problem

in the workwear industry
PLAGIARIZED - 2017 Press
Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Plagiarized products are a problem in all industries, including the workwear industry, and once again, MASCOT has had a product copied.

MASCOT has won international prizes for innovation, product quality and product design several times. Unfortunately, this also means that MASCOT is a target for trademark plagiarism and copied designs.

It is expensive to secure the products against counterfeits

»At MASCOT we use a lot of money and effort to register and defend our products and trademarks«, explains MASCOT’s Managing Director, Michael Grosbøl: »This is not only due to the fact that we, each and every year, spend millions of DKK to develop new products and improve existing ones, but in particular, the fact that we use millions to ensure quality. We WILL produce the world’s best workwear. It is in our DNA. But, like many other branded manufacturers of design items, we are, unfortunately, plagiarised.«

A negative prize for an excellent copy

This time it is a safety jacket that has been copied. The pilot jacket, MASCOT® Livigno, from the MASCOT® SAFE IMAGE range has been part of MASCOT’s assortment since 1998, and is still a highly requested product today. The company that copied the jacket has succeeded in creating such an accurate copy that the German company Aktion Plagiarius e.V. awarded the copying company with their “Plagiarius” award for “the most flagrant” imitation or fake.

Compromise with the quality

Michael Grosbøl explains the consequences of being plagiarised: »There are several reasons why we don’t like it when someone tries to copy our products – even when the products in question are of an older date. The worst isn’t actually the loss of sales and earnings. The worst is that customers risk buying a product of a doubtful quality and then they will have a bad experience with a product they believe is from MASCOT. I feel really bad about that«, says the Managing Director.

About Plagiarius

The 2017 “Plagiarius” awards were presented on 10 February at the consumer goods trade fair Ambiente in Frankfurt. Since 1977, Akton Plagiarius e,V. has granted this anti-prize to those manufactures and distributors whom have made or sold “the most flagrant” imitations and fakes. The negative award “Plagiarius” is an alternative method to place focus on the problem by condemning the plagiarism companies’ unreasonable business methods and lack of visions.