Dressing according to the situation is always important

When you are on an expedition to a secluded place, safety must be in order because if something should happen, help is very far away. Clothing is an especially important element – particularly for protection against wind, rain, and cold.

Départ à la recherche du bidon perdu

Your clothing needs to be able to carry the necessary tools and all the other essentials for the expedition. Reflectors and colours are also safety elements.

Safety in many layers
It is crucial that the members of the expedition are properly dressed when they’re working in the natural environment, in caves and in the water or in extreme weather and wind. It is important to be well dressed for all layers, from the inside to the outside, to avoid getting cold or wet, as this can have big consequences for your health and body. When you work in the outdoors it is also important to be visible, even if there isn’t large machinery in the area. Visibility makes it easier for others to find you should you suffer an accident and are not capable of saving yourself.

Far away from everything
From the nearest port in Punta Arenas, it takes more than 24 hours to get to the secluded island of Madre De Dios by boat. These small boats are the only method of transportation if you want to visit the island. Back in 2014, when an expedition member broke his leg, he was saved by a rescue helicopter that never landed on the island; it just picked him up in a basket. Prior to the pick-up, he was saved from inside a cave and carried for five hours back to basecamp.

Teamwork is the difference between life and death
There are several repeaters on the brave team of researchers and that is important as teamwork is very crucial. Natalia experienced, on the expedition to Diego de Almagro in 2014, how important teamwork is in a crisis. She says, “On the expedition, one of our friends was hurt deep down in a cave. He broke his leg. It was five hours away from camp. But thanks to the team it was possible to bring him back to the surface and carry him through the harsh terrain back to camp.”


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