MASCOT's cooperation with retailers

When you become a distributor of MASCOT workwear you will be allocated one of our driven sales managers, if applicable, and an internal sales contact at our headquarters. These people will be your primary contacts in everyday life. Your dedicated Sales Manager will visit you, by appointment, to present new products and solutions.

If you have larger customers that require a little extra attention, we can help you! Please contact us for assistance with strategy, service options and product selection.

MASCOT also provides a variety of online tools:

Distributor Service Portal
We’ll create an account for you on our online distributor portal. You can log in at any time and find your order history in the form of invoices, delivery notes and order confirmations. You can also check current stock figures, find super deals on discontinued items and much more.

Online shop
When you order products, you want to do so as quickly as possible. You can do this with just a few clicks in the online shop; developed specifically for MASCOT’s distributors. Your order will go straight into MASCOT’s system and is usually handled the same day.

Marketing in store
Furnish your store so your customers will go for what you want to sell. MASCOT has developed a wide range of targeted posters, brochures and promotional materials, all of which you are welcome to order and use.

If you wish to create your own marketing materials, remember that you can download high quality product images via our online photo web.

MASCOT® SmartStore
MASCOT® SmartStore is an online system designed for you to let your customers enter their orders themselves. We help to set up your large end-user customers, so you avoid the trouble of assembling orders to send to us. The only thing you get is the invoice.

If you have questions or desire personal assistance, our large customer service department is ready to help you. Please call us on +45 87244700.


Why You should choose MASCOT® Workwear

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