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MASCOT awarded prize as a product leader among workwear manufacturers

As a result of a comprehensive analysis of the workwear market, the Danish manufacturer MASCOT was awarded with the 2017 European Product Leadership Award.
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New record-breaking main catalogue from MASCOT

MASCOT has just launched the company’s new main catalogue. The catalogue contains many new products, including the brand new 2017 range, MASCOT® ADVANCED, which includes new T-shirts, jumpers and jackets in many varieties being launched this autumn. MASCOT® ADVANCED is workwear for tradesmen – in new colours, with new features and of brand new materials with 100% stretch in trousers, jumpers and jackets. Find also the brand new range of lightweight and flexible safety shoes in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FLEX range.
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Dress in layers and get comfortable through the winter

When temperatures drop and it is time to prepare for winter, you can buy the heaviest jacket you can find to keep warm, or you can choose a few thinner and lighter, yet functional layers. In this way you are equipped for mild, hard or wet winter weather.
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MASCOT receives prestigious award

Today, MASCOT Vietnam received a prestigious award for the high standards in the three factories in Vietnam.
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Numerous combinations with the highest safety in MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME

MASCOT has one of the widest selections of certified safety workwear.
Just as the regular workwear, safety workwear from MASCOT is divided into different ranges. MASCOT ® SAFE SUPREME is the range you should look for if you want two-toned safety workwear with the most innovative functions and materials.
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MASCOT launches a range of light and flexible footwear

A new generation of safety footwear from MASCOT is now available through a distributor near you. The footwear is made of lightweight materials, and the finished products are some of the most lightweight footwear on the market. At the same time, the flexibility at the metatarsal region is in a class by itself. Say goodbye to heavy, rigid footwear that gives soreness in the feet and back, and say hello to MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FLEX.
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EU ambassador visits MASCOT Vietnam

Today, MASCOT Vietnam had the honour of welcoming H. E. Bruno Angelet, Ambassador of the European Union in Vietnam and Ms. Miriam Garcia Ferrer, Head of Trade and Economic Affairs.
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New jacket combines stretch and strength in a lightweight material

MASCOT has launched a very thin and light stretch jacket. The jacket is made of a newly developed four-way stretch material, which is also extremely strong and lightweight.
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MASCOT at the A+A exhibition 2017

Once again, MASCOT will be represented at the world’s leading exhibition for safety workwear and footwear.
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MASCOT is the new main sponsor for Roda JC

MASCOT has entered into a sponsorship agreement with the Dutch football club Roda JC. The club has proud traditions and plays in the best Dutch football league, Eredivisie.
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