2010 MASCOT Catalogue with 52 new products

15. September 2010
MASCOT’s new 2010/11 Catalogue is out now and available to flick through online. Packed with technical information and showing 52 new products it is a must see for all workwear buyers.


New products developed for specific market groups
In the 200 pages readers can see examples of all MASCOT’s products including all the 52 NEW 2010 products.  Nearly half of the new products are found in the new MASCOT® INDUSTRY range, which as the name indicates, is developed directly for Industry and Industrial Laundering.  MASCOT is already getting great feedback about this new range and has high expectations for sales.  Seen for the first time is a 100% Laundry friendly canvas range of garments.


Safety Footwear for different situations
If you are looking for Safety Footwear with the latest technological advancements then MASCOT’s catalogue is also a great source of information for you.  12 completely newly developed shoes and boots divided over two ranges are also showcased in the catalogue.  There are safety shoes for those with daily work that demands extremely durable footwear with high levels of safety and where wearer comfort is only expected to focus highly.  At the other end of the scale, leisure inspired footwear is found for those who want safety footwear that looks casual, has a low weight, yet protects.

Detailed knowledge
MASCOT’s new catalogue has been developed with the knowledge that an increasing number of wearers of workwear now want a more in-depth knowledge of the workwear and safety footwear they work in.  They want information on product details and fabric properties.  Therefore MASCOT has on special pages given more information on for example special fabrics and certifications.

Inspiration to wearers in doubt
The 2010 catalogue brings even more additional pages for example a chapter that is titled Inspirations Guide.  Here MASCOT’s products are shown together in sets photographed in many different environments and in different uses.  The idea being it can be a helping hand to wearers of workwear that miss inspiration to match clothes together to find their own working style.


The catalogue is available right here:

MASCOT® Main Catalogue complete

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