Production expansions for MASCOT in Laos and Vietnam

29. March 2018
MASCOT commences the doubling of the company’s production capacity in Asia. Initially in Laos and later in the year in Vietnam. A total of 1800 new employees will be found in the coming year.

MASCOT’s first factory in Asia was completed exactly 10 years ago this month and since then, three more factories have been established. Approximately 2200 MASCOT employees in Vietnam and Laos go to work each day to produce workwear for construction and industry around the world, and during this year, this number will increase greatly.

A long-term investment
MASCOT has regularly expanded its capacity over the last 10 years, but now the largest single expansion is being launched. »We do it to prepare for the future«, MASCOT’s managing director, Michael Grosbøl, states. »We have ambitions and expectations to grow significantly over the coming years. We’re expanding the product assortment and our staff in Europe and intensifying efforts on the market. This will demand an increased production intensity and is what we prepare for now«, says Michael Grosbøl.

21,000 new m2 are ready by end of year
Over the Easter weekend, they broke ground for the expansion of the capacity at MASCOT Laos. In Laos, we are tripling the capacity, both in terms of the number of square metres and in the number of employees. The current 10,000 m2 will be supplemented with an additional 21,000 m2. The number of employees is expected to increase from the current 700 in Laos to, over time, 2100 employees. As long as the rainy season doesn’t delay the construction, Michael Grosbøl expects that the new sewing lines will be ready to be used by the first new employees, by end of year.

Socially responsible production of workwear
In Vietnam, where MASCOT currently has the highest number of employees with 1500 employees, a smaller expansion will also be started by the end of the summer. In this case, approximately 400 new employees have to be found. In the long term, MASCOT expects to employ approximately 4000 employees in Southeast Asia.

All MASCOT factories hold the recognized, international certification for safe, secure and respectful working conditions, SA8000. SA8000 is documented proof of a socially responsible production. The certification includes a thorough evaluation of all processes four times a year and a recertification every three years. The certificate serves as security for MASCOT’s customers that MASCOT workwear is produced under good working conditions for the employees.

MASCOT’s managing director Michael Grosbøl (to the left) was of course present when the first part of MASCOT Laos was officially opened in 2013.

Director for MASCOT Vietnam and MASCOT Laos Thomas Bo Pedersen together with Souphan Keokhamphet, President for the industrial park VITA PARK, in which MASCOT’s factory is located. The President mentioned in her speech, the industry zone’s enthusiasm for MASCOT’s choice to expand to triple size in Laos because MASCOT thus provides development opportunities for the Laotian population and economy.

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