Behind the scenes

Professional football players put on workwear, as MASCOT’s photo team moved into the football stadium a Monday morning. Join us behind the camera.

Four professional football players from Silkeborg IF enthusiastic showed up to the photo shoot. We got pictures of the goalkeeper Thomas Nørgaard’s save near the crossbar, a flying kick, accomplished by Ari Mohr Jóhnson, a sliding tackle by Jeppe Illum and a sliding outburst of enthusiasm by Frank Hansen. Every move performed in workwear and safety shoes from MASCOT. With the four situations, the pictures show some of the main qualities of MASCOT’s workwear: durability, freedom of movement and comfort in any weather.

The pictures have been edited a lot, as we have added new backgrounds etc. to extract the right atmosphere (dynamic and dramatic). The dynamics and the story are among other things created with the red lines in the pictures. You should be able to see what it is about, also without any text in the pictures.

The players really embraced the spirit of the photo shoot. When Frank Hansen should slide through the grass and show an outburst of enthusiasm, the outburst was so loud that the rest of the team, practicing at the other end of the field, stopped and looked surprised at Frank. But of course, in the photo you cannot see that he is yelling. However, you can see how the veins in his neck pops out. This is authenticity in an extent, we never would have hoped for.

Thomas Nørgaard stretched himself up under the crossbar, when he should demonstrate freedom of movement in MASCOT’s workwear. The employees from MASCOT were worried, if he was going to hurt himself, when he, several times, landed on the grass, and suggested to put a madras under there. Thomas Nørgaard could not help smiling, as he shook his head of the proposal.

Ari Mohr Jóhnson jumped higher than the photographers ever could hope for, when he demonstrated a technic of an, almost, horizontal kick.

See how it played out here:


Behind the camera

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