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The pilot jacket has a long and rich history. Its origins date back to the American military and later made its foray into the fashion industry. Pilot jackets are known as warm and durable jackets and for that reason, they quickly found their way into the workwear industry. MASCOT has had pilot jackets in its assortment for several generations and the latest edition from MASCOT is a retro pilot jacket with a nod to a proud tradition.

The very first jackets for pilots were long leather coats with wool lining, designed to help the pilots keep warm in the open cockpits during World War 1. As the years went on, pilot jackets became shorter and after World War 2, they were produced in nylon with polyester lining rather than leather and wool.

A classic for three decades
The pilot jacket was among MASCOT’s very first workwear ranges back in the 1980s. Most notably, the MASCOT® Alaska pilot jacket became a bestseller. With its water-repellent Bearnylon®, it is extremely durable and for three decades, the jacket has proven its worth in the workwear industry. It is still the preferred jacket for many wearers and it remains a part of MASCOT’s 2017 assortment, in six different colours. In recent years, a retro fashion wave has raised awareness of pilots jackets - the solid jacket with a fur lining.

Alaska grøn MASCOT

The starting point for retro jackets
The starting point for many of today’s retro jackets, is the MA-1 bomber jacket developed in the 1950s. The lining was a bright orange colour that was visible from above in case the pilot crashed. The idea was that in such an event, the pilot could turn the jacket inside out to signal his position to the rescue team. The MA-1 bomber jacket was extremely popular and not very long after its entry in the US Army Air Force, it became available to the rest of the military and eventually, the fashion world.

mascotr iverdale blå

A new retro pilot jacket with a nod to its origins
It was the MA-1 bomber jacket edition of the pilot jacket that was the inspiration for MASCOT, when it came time to rethink the classic pilot jacket, and when you look at the MASCOT® Riverdale, as the jacket has been named, you will find several small references to its origins. A small aircraft wing logo, the classic fit and the bright orange lining are small nods to the bomber jacket that served as inspiration. With regard to functionality, it is first and foremost a jacket that can endure the wear and tear of daily work. Abrasion resistance is high with CORDURA®-reinforcements on the shoulders, and through the use of a zipper on the inside bottom, it is easy to apply a company logo on the back without destroying the characteristics of the warm fur lining. For the outer material, MASCOT has gone back in time and reproduced some fabrics to match the retro style. Pockets and details are optimised for use today, but the style of the jacket shows that it knows its origin.


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Throughout time, the pilot jacket has been used by diverse subcultures, where it has had a prominent role in fashion. The jacket has also appeared regularly in popular culture. In the workwear industry, it has been a fixed element and has become known as a comfortable and warm jacket with high durability for daily work. Shown here is the MASCOT® Alaska pilot jacket, which has proven its worth through three decades.

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