Rain trousers

With outdoor work comes the risk of having to work in occasional rain. In order to prevent an involuntary break until the rain stops or braving the weather, and thereby be soaked, you need waterproof workwear. MASCOT can help you with that. MASCOT® AQUA is a range of durable waterproof clothes wherein you can find rain trousers.

MASCOT’s assortment features several rain trousers, which are certified windproof, waterproof and breathable in accordance with the standard EN 343. This means that you get optimum protection from the elements, while moisture will be directed away from the body. As a result, you will remain dry under your rain trousers all day. All styles have elastic and drawstring waists so the trousers fit tightly regardless of the size.


For high functionality, various features are added to the rain trousers. All styles can be used over winter boots, as they have either press stud adjustments at the foot or, an extra long zipper with storm flap. You will also find rain trousers that has a access to the trousers underneath, so that you can access the pockets without having to take the rain trousers of. You can get rain trousers in the colours black, navy and green as well as in fluorescent orange and yellow with reflectors, and they can be matched with the top that suits you.

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