Warehouse Coat

If you work at a place where you are regularly exposed to splashes of oil and other dirt, a warehouse coat is often a good solution. With a durable warehouse coat from MASCOT, you can keep the worst dirt away from you and your clothes. All of the warehouse coats consist of 65% polyester, which makes them hearty against chemicals. At the same time, they have a number of other properties that also make them suitable for work.

A warehouse coat must be able to be used on top of other clothes so MASCOT’s warehouse coats have a spacious fit. A pleat is placed in the back so the fit appears more close-fitting, while freedom of movement is guaranteed. The slots in the sides further contribute to this freedom. Additionally, MASCOT® Gladstone has ergonomic sleeves with a slit in them, which makes it possible to roll up the sleeves. A warehouse coat has the same length as a regular coat, but if you need extra protection on the thighs, then MASCOT® Washington is an extra long style.

A warehouse coat serves as the outer layer on your work clothes, and therefore features front pockets, chest pockets and internal pockets. One of the chest pockets of MASCOT® Parma even features a telephone and pen pocket. Here, the flap to the telephone pocket is adjustable so that the pocket can fit perfectly to your mobile phone. The pockets are either with concealed press studs or completely without buttons or zippers so as not to scratch your surroundings. The same applies to the closure of the warehouse coat that features concealed press studs on all the styles.


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