Work trousers

MASCOT is renowned for having a broad and modern selection of high-quality work trousers. Whatever industry you are working in, you can work safely and comfortably in MASCOT’s hardwearing trousers.

When choosing work trousers, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. First of all, it is extremely important to choose the right size and leg length. At MASCOT, you will find up to 21 different waist sizes and four different leg lengths. Not only that, but some of the work trousers can be lengthened even more in the leg. For example, the right length/inside leg measurement greatly influences whether your knee pad pockets are correctly placed. MASCOT also has a wide range of accessories, such as knee pads, belts and holster pockets, giving your MASCOT work trousers even more functional options.

Pants must also be hard-wearing, so that you don’t wear holes at the knees or in the pockets after only a short period of time. That is why MASCOT has allied itself with such fabric brands as CORDURA® and Kevlar®, which are globally recognised for their wear resistance and pierce resistance, respectively. When your work trousers are reinforced at exposed places, they can handle hard wear - week after week.

Wear resistance, elasticated material and much more


Two strong contenders for work trousers in a class of their own are MASCOT® Adra and MASCOT® Madrid. They are made from the same quality materials, but the two trousers have somewhat different functions. The most significant difference is that MASCOT® Madrid has well-equipped holster pockets. Both trousers have knee pad pockets and a very functional multi-layer thigh pocket with magnetic closure on the tablet and telephone pocket as well as other features. Use of CORDURA® and Kevlar® gives the work trousers a truly remarkable wear resistance, which is essential for craftsmen in all industries. Elasticated fabric at the knees and waistband provides unmatched freedom of movement.





MASCOT® Madrid



Both workwear trouser models have extra reinforcement at exposed places and thigh pockets, rule pockets and knee pad pockets. MASCOT® Madrid also has holster pockets, while MASCOT® Adra has an extra knife pocket on the left thigh.


Features - MASCOT® Adra & MASCOT® Madrid


reinforced pocket


Work trousers with a reinforced rule pocket with a small outside pocket.
long CORDURA® piece


Extra long CORDURA® piece at the trousers’ hem that ensures extra protection against wear, even if the pants are shortened slightly.
low waist


The low waist with fitted waist band ensures that the trousers follow and support all body movements.
hammer loops


Work trousers with hammer loops and extra straps for tools provide a multitude of options.
lengthened pants


Can easily be lengthened by 3 cm by releasing the red stitching on the inside of the seam.
phone pocket


The rear thigh pocket can be used for a mini-tablet – the front thigh pocket can be regulated according to the size of your phone.
reinforced pocket


High protection against wear is ensured by CORDURA® reinforcement – especially important when a pocket is used to hang equipment from. (Only applies to MASCOT® Adra)
knee pad pockets Work trousers with CORDURA® reinforced knee pad pockets – with insertion of knee pads from above and with a flap so they don’t collect dirt.



An infinite array of features


MASCOT work trousers have innumerable features and details intended to make your working day efficient and more comfortable. Wear resistance and a fit that ensures good freedom of movement are standard issue at MASCOT®. In addition, you can choose between a wide variety of different details and functions for your work trousers in MASCOT’s huge selection:


Triple stitched seams

Ergonomic fit

Knee pad pockets

Holster pockets

Long/standard/short leg lengths

Reflective tapes

Elasticated material

Low weight




CORDURA® reinforcement

Kevlar® reinforcement




See how easy it is to lengthen your work trousers by 3 cm. A very good idea if your leg length is in between two standard lengths. MASCOT® Madrid and MASCOT® Adra include this feature:


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