EN 14683

EN 14683

EN 14683 is a standard that medical face masks in Europe are required to comply with. The testing requirements for this standard include bacterial filtration efficiency, differential pressure (breathability), splash resistance and microbial cleanliness. MASCOT's face masks are CE-marked and approved in accordance with EN 14683. This is your guarantee that they are tested and approved both as medical equipment and for private use. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that they are of an excellent quality.

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There are three types of face masks (Types I, II and IIR). MASCOT face masks are Type IIR. This guarantees you the highest level of protection, as this type also protects from droplets.

See the testing requirements for type I, II and IIR respectively in the table below.

Type I
Type II
Type IIR
Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE): The ability of the face mask to filter our bacteria so that they are not released into the user's surroundings (BFE), (%).
≥ 95
≥ 98
≥ 98
Differential pressure: The lower this value, the easier it is for the user to breath normally (Pa/cm2).
< 40
< 40
< 60
Splash resistance pressure: The ability of the face mask to withstand the penetration of liquid splashes (kPa).

≥ 16,0
Microbial cleanliness: Microbial cleanliness documents cleanliness in the manufacturing process (cfu/g).
≥ 30
≥ 30
≥ 30