MASCOT now has certification

    SA 8000 - 2011
    Sun, 27 Mar 2011

    With the recently achieved certification, SA8000 MASCOT is now able to document their effort in Corporate Social Responsibility. Only a few other Danish companies have achieved this certification.

    It is not only the production at MASCOT’s subsidiary in Vietnam that has been examined. The sub-contractors also have the matter under control.

    New production countries, new challenges

    MASCOT is a market leader of workwear in Denmark and among the leading brands in the rest of Europe. A couple of years ago, MASCOT followed the development of the time and moved the production to Asia. But what do you do, when good and safe working conditions cannot be taken for granted?

    Production with European management

    In 2008, MASCOT opened the company’s own newly built factory in Vietnam. Today, the factory has more than 1000 employees - most of them are seamstresses working in the production of workwear. “By having our own factory with European management, we do not only achieve an increase in efficiency and product quality”, says MASCOT’s Managing Director, Michael Grosbøl, “But we also ensure that our products are manufactured under good and safe working conditions, which is crucial for us”.

    2011 Press - A good working environment adapted to local conditions

    Social responsibility is increasingly important

    It is becoming increasingly important for companies to be able to document their effort in CSR when communicating with customers. So MASCOT chose to undergo the structured process required to achieve the international standard, SA8000. “I think it is very important when seen from a market point of view. The customers prefer to do business with someone, who is both behaving in a decent manner and is also in control of things. In addition we are sending a clear message to our sub-suppliers that they cannot compromise when it comes to social responsibility. In SA8000 there is also a continuous control of our sub-suppliers”, says Michael Grosbøl.

    The certification belongs with MASCOT

    Companies that achieve SA8000 can document that they do not utilise child labour or forced labour, they have a good working environment adapted to local conditions and freedom of association, no discrimination, fair working hours and wages and an efficient management system including among other things control of the sub-suppliers’ employee conditions. Of course Mascot Vietnam lived up to all these conditions, and the biggest challenge in connection with the certification was actually to make all the employees aware of their rights. Michael Grosbøl is pleased that MASCOT has received the certification: “I think that such a certification belongs to a company which brands itself ’tested to work’”, he concludes.