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    MASCOT as a partner

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    Tarmac - A CRH Company

    »Engagement began with MASCOT working closely with our teams in Contracting to fully understand the challenges that employees were facing with their boots. These discussions formed the basis of a complete boot redesign taking into account the needs of Tarmac’s employees. Rigorous factory testing ensured that the new design solved the common concerns such as comfort, water-proofing and durability.

    A small group of employees were asked to test the new design by MASCOT as part of initial trials followed by more wider trials at Tarmac sites including our contracting depot at Agecroft.

    Successful trials and positive feedback from the workforce have meant that this next generation of safety footwear has gone into full production and is now readily available on the UK market.«

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    Siemens Gamesa

    »Siemens Gamesa have worked with Mascot globally for many years. The quality, comfort and reliability of their garments consistently scores high with wearers, from technicians to factory staff working both on and offshore.«

    »So in 2016, when it came to opening our blade factory in Hull, they were the clear choice. Kitting out over 900 new employees with over 20,000 items was no easy task but Mascot rose to the occasion and made the process as smooth as possible.«

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    PCH logo

    »We have been working successfully with MASCOT for over 20 years. Behind this success are MASCOT’s modern and innovative products, quality, uncomplicated distribution solutions and a really great working relationship!«

    Portakabin logo

    »Thanks to MASCOT, we have an international partner capable of delivering high quality workwear to our employees all over Europe. As a company, we are defined by the quality of our buildings, and MASCOT’s products complement the way we work on site and in our factories. Our people are prepared to deliver consistent, excellent service thanks to the functionality and comfort of their workwear.«

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    Wienerberger logo

    »When we were presented with the Global Key Account concept from MASCOT® WORKWEAR, it was clear that we had found a manufacturer of quality workwear, who with a wide European presence, paired with own and well documented production sites, were able to satisfy this long list of requirements.

    Well over a year into the rollout, we are pleased to say that MASCOT has lived up to our expectations, and that the countries where we have finalised the rollout are happy with their new workwear. Our staff is proud to portray the new and improved Wienerberger corporate identity, and to be working in an even safer workplace environment.

    I am pleased to recommend MASCOT as a partner for international workwear projects and can confirm that is true when MASCOT states that they are able to act professionally both locally and globally.«

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    Online services

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    st andrews timber logo

    »We set up a MASCOT® WebShop through our website which so far has contributed to 55% of total MASCOT sales with the remaining 45% through front-counter sales, so the webshop so far has been a great marketing tool for us.«

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    »Our aim was to quickly and easily equip our employees with quality clothing, in the various departments, without having to deal with a lot of administrative work. Our focus was to optimize our procurement processes.

    Mascot has met all of our expectations and their support has been really great.

    The key advantage of Mascot is their large storage capacity and with the use of the Mascot Smart Store, including the possibility of including third-party products in it, we were able to handle our entire workwear and PPE purchasing through one single system.«

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    »Frontmatec is a merger of several companies and with production and service centres in several countries. In order to highlight our new common identity, it was important that our employees could all wear the same workwear, as they are often the most visible exposure of our brand to our customers. It was equally important that the workwear was of a high quality, comfortable to wear and functional for our employees. Our employees have to be able to work effectively whatever their job and environment - whether indoors or outdoors, or in hot or cold temperatures. We found the right partner in MASCOT; they were able to meet our stringent requirements and deliver an optimal workwear assortment. With MASCOT® SmartStore, everything is accessible in one system, which makes ordering and processing workwear really easy for our different units.«

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    Marel logo

    »MASCOT® SmartStore is a user-friendly platform that allows our employees to order new workwear from a product catalogue that we have made available to them. The order is administered in MASCOT® SmartStore from Marel Aarhus. We have 275 users across seven countries, and we are very satisfied with the system. Ordering and processing new workwear is quick and easy, we can pull up statistics about our employees’ purchases, our employees have their workwear delivered to them in individual boxes, and deliveries are, on the whole, problem-free.«

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    We pride on our products being thoroughly tested and of the highest quality. But you do not have to take our word for it. Read why thousands of workers love wearing MASCOT products every day.

    ABP Logo

    “We’re proud to pioneer the MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE workwear range at ABP and achieve another first for the industry, leading the way towards a greener, cleaner future. It is one of many plans we have in progress to help achieve our sustainability goals at ABP. We look forward to seeing all our colleagues adopt this workwear as it is rolled out.”

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    Team Rosberg | MASCOT WORKWEAR logo

    Team Rosberg is a professional racing team in international automotive motorsport. MASCOT is Team Rosberg's official workwear provider under DTM. Jörg Pfahl, Director Marketing & Sponsoring Team Rosberg: “It is our ambition to provide our drivers and employees with the best products in order to work successfully. Quality, comfort and safety are fundamental for working under the special conditions of motorsport. In addition to functionality for various purposes, we have high demand to the design and its recognition. Not only do we feel remarkably comfortable in MASCOT attire; it also looks perfect. We always find perfect products for all of our sometimes very special needs. Our partnership with MASCOT is based on trust and a familiar atmosphere. We are both extremely dedicated in what we do and that is the key to success. We very much appreciate MASCOT´s massive commitment for socially responsible production.”

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    High Class Racing

    »The clothing not only gives us a unique, streamlined identity, but it is able to withstand the level of hard work we perform every day. Working as a mechanic puts high demands on the workwear's fit and comfort. Great comfort and protection are essential and the MASCOT products we received live up to our expectations.

    When we work on the car, we must move in many different positions, and the material of both the trousers and the shorts is incredibly stretchy, offering us excellent freedom of movement. They are very comfortable to wear. The summer temperatures during races can get incredibly high! The lightweight material is perfect for those hot days.« - Thomas, mechanic.

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    TSC Logo

    »I'm pleasantly surprised«, says Pascal Meier as he examines his new work clothes. He has been with TCS as a patrol officer in the Biel region for 33 years and the material is particularly important to him. This should feel comfortable against the skin and, ideally, keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That seems to be the case here.

    »The clothes feel comfortable. Along with its functionality and visibility, this is critical because we spend so much time in our cars.«

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    Falck logo

    »MASCOT has been excellent at identifying our needs. We were able to find most of the products we needed for our job functions in MASCOT’s impressive standard assortment, but we also required a few products to be specially developed. To ensure our needs were met, MASCOT helped us develop a number of bespoke products. These products matched the products from the standard assortment, but also met our specific requirements for e.g. pockets. Being part of the development phase of the bespoke products was of great benefit to us as it meant we got products that live up to our needs and wishes. It also meant that our own employees were able to test the features and fits before the products went into production.«

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    The company Sacco has been in business for almost 20 years in the civil and industrial construction industry. They are based in Northern Italy and work exclusively with their own skilled workforce. For Mr. Sacco, owner and CEO, it is paramount that his collaborators are always well dressed and recognizable as a united team, who speaks the same language despite the multiple nationalities that have been working together for a long time. »For this reason, after trying different brands, Sacco has found, in MASCOT, a good partner to dress our crews and technicians. The clothing is very hardwearing and comfortable, warm but also lightweight, and includes useful and aesthetically pleasing hi-vis inserts. Last but not least, the chosen colours were also of importance – red is the colour that identifies Sacco in the market,« says the CEO, Massimo Sacco.

    At MASCOT, we always strive to offer professional and forward-thinking solutions to our customers. We believe that good customer relations are important and something we constantly have to earn.

    We would like to thank all our partners for their kind words. It is testimonials like yours that help our business to grow and continuously develop.

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