As a buyer, or as the person responsible for procurement, you know how important it is that employees are satisfied with their workwear and safety footwear. Equally important is that delivery, variety of product range, availability and safety are all top notch. At MASCOT we offer a secure and flexible collaboration to suit your business.

MASCOT - The Right Choice

The strength of a wide range - MASCOT

The strength of a wide range

A range that can dress you from head to toe and from inner layer to out. In extra-small, and extra-large sizes - all as standard. The assortment offers a variety of functions and features - so everyone in your business can be dressed in workwear from the same supplier, whatever their job function or requirements.

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A distributer close by - MASCOT

A distributer close by

Your employees may need to try on products to find the right size, this can be done in your local area. MASCOT's products are sold locally by distributers all over Europe, and all of our distributers are able to offer the entire range MASCOT.


Only one supplier - MASCOT

Only one supplier

You do not need several different suppliers, just choose MASCOT. MASCOT supplies all niche products. Save precious time with simple ordering, deliveries and invoicing all from one vendor on all your workwear and safety footwear.

WorkwearSafety clothingSafety footwearAccessories

Quality all the way - MASCOT

Quality all the way

Workwear has value for you and for MASCOT- trust a quality that lasts! MASCOT products are the result of a great deal of quality testing. MASCOT is one of few in the industry, that manages and controls everything from the purchase of the right fabric, to dyeing of fabrics for production in our own factory.

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Conscientious supplier - MASCOT

Conscientious supplier

Social responsibility is not something MASCOT does because there is prestige in it. We take pride in social responsibility, because we consider it important. And it is gratifying that a large proportion of our customers consider this equally significant. MASCOT production in Vietnam, is SA 8000 certified - an international acceptance of social responsibility that very few have achieved.


Delivery assurance - MASCOT

Delivery assurance

As something quite extraordinary for the industry, MASCOT own sewing rooms in Vietnam. This means that we ourselves control the planning and production of our workwear, and we respond quickly to market changes. We always have more than 3 million products in stock and offer a very high delivery service.


Tested to work - MASCOT

Tested to work

MASCOT invests times in ensuring that every product is tested and ready to work. Every year we make thousands of tests in our own laboratories. We are confident that our dedicated efforts in testing, provides you with workwear that gives you extra value. The Customer Value Enhancement Award was awarded to us in recognition of just that.

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