Thermal Clothing

    If you are working in cold surroundings like a warehouse, a cooling chamber or outdoors, it is important that you can keep warm through the work day. You can find a selection of practical and functional thermal clothing at MASCOT that you can wear separately or under your usual workwear.

    A perfect jacket for the transition period

    A versatile thermal jacket is a good choice for the transition period, when the weather is too warm for winter clothing. MASCOT offers a variety of thermal jackets that will keep you warm all day, thanks to the special properties of the lining. MASCOT uses the unique CLIMASCOT® lining, which is lightweight, soft and sustainably produced with recycled materials. With MASCOT’s thermal jackets, you won’t compromise on fit or functionality. The jackets are equipped with a variety of functional details such as reflectors, different pockets and stretch inserts which will increase your freedom of movement.

    Stay warm with an insulating middle layer

    Thermal clothing is perfectly suited as a middle layer when you are working in low temperatures for a period of time. If you for example work in a warehouse, a cooling or freezing chamber or on a construction site during the winter months, you know that warm and insulation thermal clothing is indispensable. If you are looking for ultimate protection, you can complete your thermal clothing with a wind and waterproof winter jacket or outer shell jacket from MASCOT. By wearing multiple layers with different functions, you can be sure to stay warm, while at the same time allowing moisture to get out, so you stay dry. In MASCOT’s assortment you will find trousers, jackets and gilets with thermal effect adjusted to your needs.