MASCOT is an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible company

    As a global textiles company, we have an enormous responsibility to safeguard the people and the environment at our production sites and throughout the rest of our supply chain. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously. It is for that reason that, more than ten years ago, we established our very own production sites in Vietnam and later in Laos, where we can ensure good, respectful and safe workplaces for our +3500 colleagues.

    Here at MASCOT, we have always placed focus on ensuring that our customers get the best possible products. And by that we mean the best possible products in all aspects. It's not just about producing extremely durable products that last for a long time and thereby reduce the unnecessary consumption of new resources. The products also needs to be manufactured by people who feel secure and comfortable at their workplace, and from materials that are transparent in their origins and which are able to attain the likes of OEKO-TEX® certification, etc.

    MASCOT's products are solutions. And they are solutions that last! Both in terms of their wear resistance and with regards to their respect for people and the environment. Our core values are quality and decency – even in social and environmental contexts. Quality in products, solutions and agreements and decency understood as both conscientiousness and moral decency. Read more below about how our core values are expressed in the individual parts of the entire MASCOT supply chain.

    The 17 global goals - logo

    MASCOT and the global goals

    MASCOT works with all of the 17 global goals at different levels, and we will continue to develop and intensify our work in this area towards 2030. As part of our workwear production, we want to help eliminate poverty and hunger, ensure health and education for all, and provide decent jobs, among other things.

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    Vietnam - Own factories in Vietnam: - MASCOT employs well over half of its employees outside Europe. In MASCOT’s factories in Vietnam and Laos, there are about 2400 employees producing the workwear that is developed, marketed and sold by their colleagues in Europe.

    We produce the products ourselves in our own factories

    All of our winter clothing and workwear is sewn at our own factories in Vietnam and Laos. MASCOT has had its own factories since 2008 and our colleagues in South East Asia have been working in accordance with European working standards and MASCOT's strong values right from day one. This results in safe, secure and good workplaces with huge development potential for MASCOT's employees, who also get a good lunch and free access to a medical clinic included as part of their employment.

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    Documented social responsibility in our production

    Ever since MASCOT opened its first factory in Vietnam back in March 2008, we have been actively ensuring safe and secure working conditions for all employees – right from day one. At present, +3500 colleagues work on the production of our workwear and MASCOT document that we take our social responsibility seriously - also in the production countries. MASCOT has the most well-regarded certification within CSR; SA8000.

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    Own factories in Vietnam: - Work clothes - ISO 9001

    Certified quality assurance

    MASCOT has held its EN ISO 9001 certification for many years now. We implemented this quality management system in order to support the development of the company and its products and services, and in order to ensure that we are able to deliver the highest possible level of quality to our customers at all times. Our measurement indicators are based on security of supply, the right products for our target groups, customer satisfaction and growth.

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    Woman - Each seamstress specializes in a certain sewing discipline that they master to perfection. In this way, we ensure efficiency and minimise errors.

    Environmental policy at our own factories

    We produce about 75% of the MASCOT workwear ourselves at our own factories in Vietnam and Laos. All of our production sites are located within official industrial zones and there are clear agreements and contracts in place regarding wastewater, refuse and other conditions that concern the environment.

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    Prizes for responsible production

    A good and respectful work environment is not something you can take for granted when manufacturing products abroad. It is for this reason that MASCOT's factories have attracted a great deal of attention for their good quality working conditions. MASCOT has won a number of prizes over the years for its ability to maintain high social working standards and excellent levels of environmental oversight at MASCOT's factories in Vietnam and Laos.

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    Workwear that lasts

    Products that last are not just practical and financially beneficial for the users of workwear. They are also of enormous benefit to the environment. When the fabrics, seams and colours in workwear are long-lasting, and when users do not need to buy new workwear often, then we can avoid unnecessary consumption of resources. It is for this reason that we here at MASCOT work in accordance with our TESTED TO WORK method. This helps us produce workwear that's durable and long-lasting.

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    We take our responsibility seriously

    Testing, quality and decency are not only deeply rooted in MASCOT’s DNA, but also in the methods we use to produce responsibly for the future. We strive to produce goods with the longest possible lifetime, with optimum utilisation of our resources and with the least possible waste and emissions. The products must also be innovative and meet our customers’ requirements.

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    Products with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100

    MASCOT uses considerably more than 100 different types of material in its workwear. And all of them are certified in accordance with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. By choosing products with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 labelling, you ensure that your workwear has been carefully checked for the content of harmful substances. Our test criteria are updated annually and extend far beyond what is required by current legislation.

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    Considerate transport and packaging

    In a complex supply chain such as the one used in the production of workwear, materials and the clothes need to be packaged and transported in several steps across continents. Transport is essentially bad for the environment, but in today's world of global trade, it is also a necessity. It is therefore important for us to select optimal solutions that can help ease the strain on our environment.

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