Waterproof Clothing

    MASCOT produces waterproof clothing that you can wear on top of your regular workwear when it is raining. All waterproof clothing from MASCOT is produced in strong materials and with a high water tightness at the seams that are welded together, so the water cannot penetrate. If you are working in wet environments, where water can splash on your clothes, it is extremely important that you have good waterproof clothing to keep you dry and ensure that you won’t get cold because of damp clothes.

    The weather can quickly change, and therefore it is always nice to have waterproof clothing nearby that you can quickly and easily pull over your workwear, if a shower emerges. If you have to work wearing waterproof clothing for a longer period of time, we recommend that you choose styles with good breathability and optionally with ventilation options. Waterproof clothing from MASCOT is available in various fits, and you can choose between rain trousers, rain jackets and rain bib & braces. You can easily move around in it because of its good freedom of movement. In addition, the various products are available in neutral and fluorescent colours and with the right certifications in order for you to find the products that best suit your working conditions.