MASCOT offers a wide selection of workwear with a focus on high quality for both men and women. Our workwear is aimed at many different sectors, including trade, service, transport and industry. MASCOT's workwear is Tested to Work through user tests, laboratory tests and quality controls, which all ensure that you get the best possible workwear with a focus on comfort, fit, quality and design.

    Different materials for different needs

    At MASCOT, we offer different products to suit your needs, no matter your profession. Whether you are looking for workwear that you can move in, keep warm in, or which has a high level of wear resistance, you will be sure to find just the product at MASCOT. MASCOT's assortment includes workwear in ultimate stretch, which is a flexible, lightweight and very durable material. The stretch fabric effortlessly moves in tandem with your body and guarantees you ultimate freedom of movement. MASCOT also offers materials with TENCEL®, COOLMAX®, CORDURA® and many more.

    Certified safety clothing

    MASCOT has a wide selection of certified safety clothing, because we care that you're properly dressed for your job. Whether your job requires workwear that will keep you warm, dry, visible, safe or protected from the sun's harmful UV rays, you'll find just what you need at MASCOT. You'll also find a wide selection of products that can withstand industrial washing and drying.

    You can find great workwear, safety shoes or accessories in MASCOT’s wide assortment. In many years, MASCOT has delivered safety clothing, footwear and workwear to diverse professions and companies.

    We produce our products from the slogan Tested to work. You will not find a pair of trousers, a jacket, a pair of safety shoes or other products, which have not been tested several times. We test in the laboratory, send products to be tested by the end-users, perform quality controls and much more when we choose fabrics for our workwear and safety workwear. Right away, you can feel that MASCOT’s workwear, safety workwear and safety shoes are Tested to work.

    Woman - Pictogram

    Focus on ladies fits

    MASCOT also offers workwear for women. You'll find everything from T-shirts and fleece jumpers through to outer shell jackets and winter jackets, all specially tailored for women. MASCOT also offers work trousers in two different ladies fits. These are DIAMOND and PEARL fits, where the difference between the two depends on the difference between your waist and hip measurements. By providing two different fits, MASCOT ensures that all women can find a pair of work trousers that don't just fit well, but which also give you optimal freedom of movement and exceptional comfort.

    Workwear for women

    Child - Pictogram

    Clothing for children who want to match Mum and Dad

    MASCOT is launching a complete selection of children's clothing with excellent freedom of movement. The clothing is made from the same very durable fabrics that you know from our workwear for adults; i.e children's clothing that can withstand heavy use. All of our children's clothing has been designed to give children the best possible preconditions to play and move freely. This also allows children to match Mum and Dad's workwear with clothes in the same design and colour.

    Children's Clothing

    Experience our wide selection of workwear, safety workwear, safety footwear and accessories. MASCOT offers the best products with focus on comfort, fit, quality and design.