MASCOTs Danish director in Vietnam

    MASCOT is an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible company  - Award - 2011 Press
    Tue, 29 Nov 2011

    The 29th November 2011 MASCOTs Danish director in Vietnam, Thomas Bo Pedersen, was handed a royal honorary medal by HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. Crown Prince Frederik handed Prince Henrik's Medal of Honour and the Danish Export Association's diploma at a large seminar in Hanoi.

    The honor is in appreciation for Thomas Bo Pedersen's substantial and dedicated work with social responsibility for the company's 1700 employees in Vietnam.

    CSR was a strategic thought from the beginning

    Since Thomas Bo Pedersen was hired by MASCOT in 2006 to build MASCOTs production facilities from scratch, he has had a strong focus on social responsibility: "From the beginning, CSR has been a key component of the total investment in Vietnam. It stemmed from the construction site, where we enforced international standards of safety, "says Thomas Bo Pedersen, and emphasizes that it caused a sensation in Vietnam, that you can actually build a large building without accidents.

    Benefits for both company and employee

    Social awareness is a focus point in all daily operations, as it has been one of the building blocks from the beginning, and there is no doubt in its benefit to both the company, employees and the local community: "We showcase every day, in the local area, that we make a difference by providing good working conditions, reasonable wages, health programs, social awareness campaigns and a free private medical clinic to all employees etc. This makes us more than just an attractive workplace. Investment in CSR is also reflected in a much higher efficiency than normal in Vietnam ", says Thomas Bo Pedersen.

    Own factories in Vietnam:

    Excitement in Danish Commerce

    Amongst other guests attending the business seminar in Hanoi was Trade and Investment Minister Pia Olsen Dyhr, who was excited to see the honorary medal going to a company that takes on a clear social responsibility: "When Danish companies take advantage of globalization and place production in emerging economies such as Vietnam, they also take on a responsibility to ensure proper production, labor and environmental conditions. The happy news of MASCOTs story is seeing that a decent business is also good business. "

    A great day for everyone at Mascot

    MASCOTs owner and CEO Michael Grosbøl received the news with great joy: "Thomas Bo Pedersen has been at the head of a strong team of employees in Vietnam - supported by a Danish team from the parent company. It is amazing to see how the team together has led the entire company's values into a cohesive Vietnamese labour market”, says Michael Grosbøl.

    The business seminar was arranged on the occasion of 40-years of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Vietnam. Both local and national authorities have previously rewarded MASCOTs CSR efforts.