Stop using energy

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    Mon, 24 Oct 2016

    Stop using all of your energy just to stay warm in cold and wet winter weather. MASCOT has integrated the recognised insulation material PrimaLoft® in several different jackets to help you stay warm as the temperature starts to drop.

    It is cold outside, so you put on your heavy, warm winter jacket. As your activity level rises, you start to sweat and all that heat starts to build up. You can’t get rid of the heat and the jacket starts to feel heavier and warmer, preventing you from doing your job effectively and safely. But, if you remove the jacket, you quickly become cold.

    As an answer to this known phenomenon experienced by users of winter jackets, MASCOT introduces PrimaLoft® insulation in several new jackets designed to keep you warm, while ensuring that you effectively rid yourself of excess heat.

    Primaloft - Winter Jackets - 2016Stay warm with one of four new jackets from MASCOT, all of which have been integrated with the new unique PrimaLoft® insulation. From the left you see: MASCOT® Darmstadt softshell jacket, MASCOT® Erding thermal jacket, MASCOT® Palencia thermal jacket and MASCOT® Tolosa pilot jacket.

    Stay warm and dry

    MASCOT has introduced two thermal jackets, a softshell jacket and a pilot jacket with PrimaLoft® insulation for the cold season. PrimaLoft® is a soft and breathable material that effectively removes moisture, keeping you warm and dry and reduces the risk of dangerous cooling. In addition, PrimaLoft® ultra-fine fibres repel water and prevent water from penetrating the material so the jacket doesn’t get heavy and lead to loss of mobility. And, since the material doesn’t get wet, it maintains its high insulation ability. When the work and the weather are regularly changing, an outer garment with PrimaLoft® is a big help for a busy work schedule as it’s a flexible material for cold, rain and various levels of activity.
    Besides keeping you warm, PrimaLoft® has a special composition of fibres that feel like soft cotton and have a very low density. Due to its low weight, PrimaLoft® is also exceptionally suitable as an interlayer and takes up very little room when compressed. MASCOT uses PrimaLoft® Black Insulation Eco, which is made of at least 60% post-consumer recycled materials.

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    MASCOT jackets with PrimaLoft®

    MASCOT has integrated PrimaLoft® in four different products: two thermal jackets, a softshell jacket and a pilot jacket in various colours. The two thermal jackets, MASCOT® Erding and MASCOT® Palencia, can be used on their own or as an interlayer beneath a softshell jacket. The pilot jacket, MASCOT® Tolosa, not only has PrimaLoft® insulation but it is also certified to provide the best protection against cold (EN 342) and to be wind-tight and waterproof (EN 343).