Numerous combinations with the highest safety

    MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME - Press 2017
    Tue, 31 Oct 2017
    MASCOT has one of the widest selections of certified safety workwear. Just as the regular workwear, safety workwear from MASCOT is divided into different ranges. MASCOT ® SAFE SUPREME is the range you should look for if you want two-toned safety workwear with the most innovative functions and materials.

    You can choose between numerous colour combinations and product types with 24 different products in up to six different colour combinations. All the products are certified according to EN ISO 20471.

    Exceptional comfort

    MASCOT ® SAFE SUPREME is a range that has everything. It is suitable for contractors and the building and construction industries that have high demands for their workwear. The workwear does not only contain thoroughly tested pockets and details that provide room for all the tools. It also contains custom-made fabrics specifically made for the daily challenges. The composition of the material is a combination of cotton and polyester. The soft cotton is placed against the body on the inner side of the product, which make the products comfortable to wear. The polyester is placed on the outer side of the products in order to improve the durability and the colour fastness. In this way, we provide you with a pleasant and soft product with a high durability.

    High durability and long-lasting visibility

    The products also have CORDURA®-reinforcements at particularly exposed places such as in pockets, on the knees and at the cuffs. This ensures a wear resistance. The durability is further enhanced with triple stitched seams on exposed areas on the trousers and bib & braces. Additionally, some of the products have a Teflon® treatment. Teflon® has a dirt-repellent effect, preventing dirt to get stuck. This keeps you visible for a longer period of time.

    Hi-vis Clothing - MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME - Press 2017

    A range for winter

    The MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME range consists of clothing for all seasons. As winter is coming, you can benefit from selecting insulating products such as thermal jackets, thermal gilet, hoodies and softshell jackets. When the winter weather is challenging, it can be necessary to choose windproof, waterproof and breathable winter safety workwear with EN 342 and EN 343. By selecting workwear with these norms, you can rely on the fact that your workwear protects you, and keeps you warm and dry.

    Products that can be customized for you

    Trousers from MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME has a special feature that is not found in MASCOT’s additional SAFE-ranges. If your size is between two of the standard leg lengths, you don’t have to have anyone shorten them. Buy a pair with a shorter length and extend the trousers yourself. This is quickly done by removing a red stitching on the inner side of the material with a knife or cutter. The kneepad pockets are still placed correctly in proportion to your height, even though the stitching is removed.

    Get the highest safety class

    The range contains products in different safety classes. If your work requires you to wear workwear with class 3 certification, there are two ways to obtain it. You can either select a product that is a class 3 on its own, or select two products that are certified together as class 3. Or use the unique opportunity in the MASCOT assortment to get class 3 certified workwear with two products of a lower class. All products with class 1 and class 2 are certified to achieve a higher certified protection in combination with other products.