MASCOT participates in a meeting with Vietnam’s Prime Minister

    <span>Nguyen Xuan Phuc,&nbsp;Vietnamese Prime Minister &amp; Michael Grosb&oslash;l, Managing Director MASCOT - 2018&nbsp;</span>
    Mon, 22 Oct 2018
    As one of 14 Danish business executives, MASCOT’s managing director Michael Grosbøl was recently invited to Industriens Hus for a roundtable meeting.

    Opposite the Danish business leaders from Mærsk, Carlsberg, Grundfos and AVK, each of which has an in-dept knowledge of the Vietnamese market, was the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc as well as ten business executives and three ministers also from Vietnam.

    The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) hosted the meeting and according to Jens Holst-Nielsen, Director, Market Development at The Confederation of Danish Industry, the Vietnamese Prime Minister’s agenda at the meeting was to get a more nuanced knowledge of how he can attract investments to the country. »By meeting Danish companies that produce in Vietnam, Denmark can help with pointers on how the best business environment will look«, Jens Holst-Nielsen said.

    Each of the 14 Danish business executives had the opportunity to ask one question to the Prime Minister. For MASCOT, which employs more than 1500 of its employees in Vietnam, it is crucial to ensure that Vietnam’s labour force is geared for the future and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in order to stay competitive. Michael Grosbøl therefore asked the Vietnamese Prime Minister, what Vietnam is doing in terms of education to be ready for 4IR. The Prime Minister replied that they are in the process of educating a large number of software engineers. The goal is 1 million engineers.

    The meeting also discussed a number of other issues, including the new EU-Vietnam Free trade agreement. The delegation from Vietnam was in Denmark in connection with the P4G Copenhagen summit, which opened in Industriens Hus on Friday 19 October.

    Source of original quote from The Confederation of Danish Industry: