Have you considered metatarsal protection

    MASCOT® FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY – high durability and sturdiness Metatarsal protection. Upper with extra protection against pressure on the in-step - minimising the risk of impact and breaks. Safety Boot
    Mon, 08 Mar 2021
    Are you at risk from falling and heavy objects that could cause injury to your feet at work? If so, then it is essential that your feet are properly protected. Both the toes and the metatarsals. MASCOT's safety shoes and safety boots with metatarsal protection protect your feet from pressure and impact to the metatarsals.

    To protect your feet and achieve the highest level of safety, it is essential that you choose safety footwear that suits your job function. The MASCOT® FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY collection offers both safety boots and safety shoes with metatarsal protection.

    Your feet are exposed

    Your feet move you around, both at work and at home. They are essential tools that you should look after. And because feet stick out from the body, they are more exposed to rolling and falling objects than the rest of the body. That is why, in a number of work places, it is essential you also protect your feet, including the metatarsals.

    Protect the metatarsals from pressure and impact

    When a building is torn down, or when standing by a turning lathe, it is essential that your feet are protected. Metatarsal protection gives you extra protection and dampens any impact to the foot from dropped or falling objects. This extra protection is integrated into the footwear's upper and into its design, which means you will not notice it while you work. A soft and comfortable metatarsal protector that does not bother you or interrupt your work. Metatarsal protection is integrated into MASCOT® FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY F0220-902 safety boots and F0221-902 safety shoes.

    Safety footwear with all-round protection

    Boots and shoes with metatarsal protection are the ultimate safety footwear for anyone working with materials such as heavy concrete and who therefore needs extra protection. And with scuff caps on the outside of the upper leather, the footwear is suitable for working in a kneeling position and also lasts longer. In order for the footwear to feel comfortable to walk in, both the shoes and boots have been developed with a shock absorbing midsole. Both the shoes and boots are EN ISO 20345-certified, which ensures that they conform to the necessary requirements of working in areas where safety is a high priority.

    MASCOT's ergonomic insoles (FT090, FT091, FT092) are certified for both the shoes and boots. This means that you can insert the insoles without the footwear losing its EN ISO 20345 certification.

    F0220-902 safety boots and F0221-902 safety shoes are in stock and can be purchased/ordered from your local MASCOT distributor.