MASCOT Vietnam receives award for corporate social responsibility

    2021-Corporate Social Responsibility Recognition Award_Thomas Bo_Phan My Ha_American Chamber of Commerce
    Tue, 07 Dec 2021
    At the photo from left to right: Chargé d’Affaires Marie C. Damour, US Embassy, Finance manager MASCOT Vietnam Nguyen Van Hung, Managing Director MASCOT Vietnam Thomas Bo Pedersen, Administration manager MASCOT Vietnam Phan My Ha and President AMCHAM Virginia Foote.

    MASCOT Vietnam has today received an award for corporate social responsibility from the American Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi. The award has been given in recognition of MASCOT Vietnam’s ongoing work within CSR both before but in particular during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Creating good working conditions for all employees – no matter where in the world they work – is a self-evident practice for MASCOT, especially during a global pandemic. We look after our employees and believe that a secure work environment together with decent working conditions helps to improve workplace morale, to create reliable partnership agreements with sub-contractors and to allow for improved communications between managers and employees.

    That the American Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi has presented us with this award is an act of recognition for the way we run our business.

    Own factories with decent working conditions

    More than 2600 MASCOT employees work in Vietnam and Laos to produce our workwear and we bear the utmost responsibility for giving them the best possible working conditions. Owning our own factories gives us the flexibility to address changes in the market and the best possible framework for creating good working conditions and a decent work environment for our colleagues.

    MASCOT’s factories hold SA8000 certification, which is the highest standard within corporate social responsibility. This is a value which permeates every level of our business. We strive continuously to always attain the highest standards. Through our SA8000 certification, we also commit to inform and to educate our colleagues about their rights – in relation not just to work, but also their rights of association, salary and health. This approach leads to engaged employees who play an active role in their work and in the workplace of which they form a part.

    Transparent terms

    All employees at MASCOT Vietnam have good employment conditions with a decent salary, and there is complete transparency with regards to remuneration and bonuses. We view this as a way in which we can influence society around MASCOT’s factories and reduce inequality across borders. Through the good working environment that we offer our employees, we help to boost working conditions generally in the local area, as other employers in the region would otherwise lose their employees. We create decent jobs and this provides an incentive to other players in the local area to join us in doing the same. This is also something which the American Chamber of Commerce chose to highlight in their assessment.

    2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Recognition Award_MASCOT Vietnam_American Chamber of Commerce