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    Silkeborg IF - Sponsor
    Tue, 30 Aug 2011

    MASCOT has entered into an extensive sponsorship agreement with Silkeborg IF Invest A/S. Not only will MASCOT be the club’s main sponsor but the Silkeborg Stadium will in future also be called MASCOT PARK.

    For the present, the agreement between Silkeborg IF Invest A/S and Mascot International A/S is valid until the end of 2013 and it is a very pleased Michael Grosbøl, Managing Director for MASCOT, who tells a little about the background of the agreement.

    SIF is our team

    “SIF is the local athletic pride – OUR Super League Team. It is nice that we have a possibility to support the club and we are looking forward to the collaboration over the next couple of years. Naturally, the commercial aspect of the agreement is very important for MASCOT. MASCOT has been awarded Europe’s best manufacturer of quality workwear and the national exposure that MASCOT will achieve with the sponsorship is crucial. We are looking forward to the fact that the whole of Denmark will get to know MASCOT even better. And at SIF they will now hopefully have the necessary peace to work and be able to focus on the athletic results”, says Michael Grosbøl.

    Proud to name the stadium

    Michael Grosbøl calls SIF a professional and visionary collaborator which is just one of the reasons to enter into a more extensive collaboration. “It is important to have local roots and MASCOT whose head office is located in Silkeborg sees it as an important task to support local activities. When SIF was without a main sponsor it was an obvious choice for us to jump in and we are very proud to give our name to the stadium, MASCOT PARK. At the same time I see many opportunities to work together and I hope and think that both SIF, our customers and MASCOT employees will be motivated by the co-operation, says Michael Grosbøl.

    MASCOT® WORKWEAR - Silkeborg IF

    SIF: Landmark agreement

    Silkeborg IF Invest A/S has called the sponsorship as a landmark agreement, and is welcomed by the CEO Kent Madsen of Silkeborg IF Invest A/S: “We have had a very positive dialogue with MASCOT about the sponsorship for a period of time, and we are happy and proud that we now have a local rooted main and stadium sponsor in MASCOT. We are dealing with a long standing business partner, who with many ambitions, results and healthy values is a perfect match for us in Silkeborg IF. The synergy will grow for both parties in the coming years, says Kent Madsen.

    The partnership between SIF and MASCOT is not new. The security and service personnel at Silkeborg Stadium have since 2005 worn MASCOT Workwear where they have sponsored SIF for many years. MASCOT will be seen on the shirts of SIF who play in the Danish Premier Division, and let’s hope they make it into Europe soon!

    Michael Grosbøl - 2011
    Kent Madsen - 2011
    Michael Grosbøl
    Adm. direktør
    Mascot International A/S
    Kent Madsen
    Adm. direktør
    Silkeborg IF Invest A/S