MASCOT supports soccer all over Europe. We do this via both primary and part sponsorship, where MASCOT gets exposure at the stadiums, on soccer shirts and LED banners, and through our professional cooperation with the clubs and their partner networks.

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    MASCOT is engaged in soccer partly because this is a sport that also interests and engages our customers and business partners. Sport has the ability to fascinate and bring together people all over the world – across borders, cultures, politics and religions. Equally, the professional clubs also make excellent partners and network forums. For MASCOT, soccer sponsorship is a meaningful way to market the company, because it not only gives MASCOT exposure on strong platforms, but because it also supports sport and gives our customers and business partners great experiences.


    Activities in other European soccer nations

    MASCOT is involved in soccer in several European countries. So you may well see MASCOT® WORKWEAR appear on your screen when you watch matches from different countries.