Minister visits

    Ministers - MASCOT Laos
    Tue, 08 Jul 2014

    MASCOT's new production facilities in Laos have had a great start. And MASCOT’s CSR policy in Laos evokes such a stir that the country's newly appointed minister paid a visit.

    MASCOT Laos is structured and managed in the same way as MASCOT’s three factories in Vietnam. The factory has European management with the Danish director Thomas Bo Pedersen at the helm. The many modern facilities and employee benefits were the focus of the visit by Laos' new minister, Khemmani Pholsena, when she toured the factory. "With its own medical and health clinic, free lunch and other employee benefits, MASCOT Laos sets new standards for the textile industry in Loas," said the minister. The visit to MASCOT was one of her first official acts in office, after she took over responsibility for industrial development. "It's really a joy to see investments of such a standard in Laos. MASCOT can be a good role model for other investors," said Khemmani Pholsena.

    Activities in MASCOT Laos are also causing a stir outside the Laos borders. MASCOT’s factory recently received a visit from a delegation from Myanmar, led by Myanmar's Minister of Commerce and representatives from the European Commission and the business community in Myanmar.

    Factory - Good, safe and secure working conditions in production - MASCOT Laos

    MASCOT’s factory is just outside the capital Vientiane and was opened December 23, 2013. Since that day, MASCOT has been hiring new employees every day, and there are now more than 250 employees. Recruitment of new staff is ongoing and it is expected to more than double in the coming months.

    MASCOT - LaosThe Laotian minister Khemmani Pholsena seen in the center front with MASCOT Laos Danish director Thomas Bo Pedersen. The picture shows also Administration Latdavanh Silaphet (front, far left), and next to her production manager Alistair Herron.

    MASCOT production is already well underway in Laos. More than 250 employees are already employed.