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    Mascot International

    Where can I buy MASCOT products?

    MASCOT products are always sold through distributors. MASCOT’s distributors can tailor-make solutions to fit your individual needs. Use the locate distributor search function and find your nearest distributor.

    Companies with 25+ employees:

    • Contact your nearest distributor and customize the product range offered in the online ordering platform, MASCOT® SmartStore.

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    Large international companies:

    • Contact MASCOT’s Global Key Account team. Our team is dedicated to handling large multinational companies.

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    I am interested in buying a large quantity of MASCOT products, where can I get a quote?

    Use the distributor search function and locate the distributor (s) you wish to request a quote from. They will work together with MASCOT and give you a quote.

    Where can I find MASCOT’s catalogues?

    The latest MASCOT catalogues are available in a digital format, just click here:


    Do you have questions about MASCOT products?

    Are you looking for a specific type of product, colour, certification or quality? When performing a product search, you can use the sort function to find out what options are available from the MASCOT product range.

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    Can my MASCOT products be customized with extra reflectors, holster pockets or other options?

    Yes, we offer both modifications to standard products and, for larger orders, we can supply customised products to suit customer requirements. For more information, please contact MASCOT or your nearest distributor:

    Individual product customisation

    I want to complain about a product, what should I do?

    Please contact the distributor you purchased the product from. The distributor will return the product to MASCOT, who will then look at the product and replace it if the product has a manufacturing defect. If you ordered the clothing via the MASCOT® SmartStore, then please contact your administrator. It is important that defective clothing is returned to MASCOT so that we can investigate the reason why the defect occurred and rectify it.

    Where can I find photos of MASCOT clothing?

    High resolution photos of mascot products, product branding photos and videos are available on MASCOT’s media portal, just click here:

    MASCOT® MediaPortal

    How can I become a MASCOT workwear distributor?

    We are always on the lookout for strong business partners who want to become MASCOT distributors and offer MASCOT workwear and safety footwear to their customers. Find out more about the many advantages MASCOT has to offer and what online platforms we make available to help you in your sales process. Get in touch and tell us about your business strategy and which of our online platforms you believe would suit your customer base.