COOLMAX - Thermal Underwear - 2014
    Mon, 25 Aug 2014

    Contrary to the trend of “stepping out of your comfort zone” the task of your functional underwear is to keep you in your comfort zone, all day long. Base layers need to provide effective moisture-wicking, and, now that the colder temperatures are on their way, they also need to insulate. Now comes the new multi-functional underwear from MASCOT, which offers you all of this in a very efficient way via COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology.

    This brand new underwear range is constructed with COOLMAX® ALL SEASON fibers designed to work with your body's natural temperature regulation. When you're hot, the underwear guides heat and moisture away from the body and when you are in a cold environment, it isolates it. Simply said. it is called Duoregulation™ and is due to a special fiber composition in the fabric. MASCOT is launching a long-sleeved undershirt, long under-trousers and a neck warmer with COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology.

    COOLMAX® ALL SEASON is, above all, extremely moisture-wicking due to a special structure that quickly spreads moisture to a wider area and away from skin. Another important property of COOLMAX® ALL SEASON is that it is quick-drying, so moisture evaporates quickly. It is not only uncomfortable to be in wet clothing, but one also runs the risk of dangerous subsequent cooling if the moisture is not effectively dispersed.

    The underwear has been developed with the intention of being 'a second skin'. And MASCOT’s test panel of wearers has confirmed that it feels it. The fabric clings tightly to the body using a special four-way stretch that makes it flexible and really comfortable to wear. No irritating labels, as all details are printed inside the garment, and the fabric is lightweight and easy to wash. The underwear is designed to ensure that the user stays in the comfort zone regardless of activity level and ambient temperature.