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    Safety footwear - Press 2014
    Mon, 10 Nov 2014

    We have a tendency to choose safety footwear based on looks but the outer appearance of the footwear says nothing about how the feet and body will feel after wearing the footwear for 8-9 hours a day for months.

    To find safety footwear with good support and effective shock absorption is crucial. Not only in the short term, to avoid tired legs after a long workday on hard and/or uneven work surfaces, but also in the long term, so as not to cause undue harm to your legs and back. The footwear must not have any sharp edges on the inside that could cause chafing, the feet must not get too warm, and the shock absorption must be of the highest calibre. Ideally, we want safety footwear that is just as flexible and supportive as footwear designed for sports or fashion.

    Safety combined with optimal comfort

    MASCOT has risen to the challenge and is launching four models in a newly developed series of safety footwear that comes as close to the comfort of athletic shoes as possible. The focus has been to unite 100% safety with flexible and comfortable footwear. The range is comprised of safety boots, safety sandals, and two styles of safety shoes, all of which have the same safety components and fit.

    Safety Boots - 2014

    Metal-free toe cap, that doesn’t rub

    The obligatory toe cap curves upward over the toes at the spot where the toes bend when squatting so that you won’t notice the toe cap when working on your knees. The toe cap is brand new and made of a composite material that is entirely metal-free. By virtue of the textile midsole and plastic eyelets, the shoes, sandals, and boots are completely free of metal. This is an incredible advantage if you have to pass through airport scanners, for example. In addition, metal is, by its very nature, conductive and heavy, giving distinct advantages to footwear that is free of metal. Finally, the textile midsole bends more easily increasing the flexibility of the footwear.

    Double shock absorption

    Shock absorption is assured with the help of a dual effect; both the sole material and the newly developed insole of EVA are shock absorbing. The extraordinary result is that there is cushioning in both the heel and toe. Good shock absorption is important for both the legs and back. The insole is also breathable and has stabilising arch support. With this insole, the footwear is ESD approved according to DIN EN 61340-4-3.

    Slip resistant and non-marking soles

    According to the latest industrial statistics, strains and sprains are the most common type of injury.* You can reduce the risk of such injuries by choosing safe and comfortable footwear with good support. In addition, it is important to stand firmly on uneven or wet surfaces, so search for footwear with the highest class of slip resistance, SRC. All of MASCOT’s new footwear has been tested for and has passed this safety standard.

    This new range of safety footwear from MASCOT is found both in safety class S3 - a boot and a shoe - and S1P, a shoe and a safety sandal with hook & loop band fastening. All are equipped with a durable sole of PU/PU, that won’t leave scuff marks (non-marking). The new range of footwear can easily be used by a broad spectrum of disciplines, such as craftsmen, light construction, transport and logistics.

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