Working while kneeling

    Trousers with kneepad pockets - 2015
    Tue, 17 Feb 2015
    Are you one of those people who occasionally works while kneeling? If so, additional protection for the knees is absolutely necessary. 

    You get protection from MASCOT in more ways than one. With numerous features on the work trousers and with certified kneepads you get a total package providing a comfortable and above all a safe work environment while kneeling.

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    MASCOT® Waterloo kneepads by Evazote®-foam is ergonomically designed and can be used in all MASCOT trousers with knee pockets.. They fill up well in width and have an elongated shape which can be adjusted (prepared for the kneepad and can be easily cut off), if the kneepads are to be used in small kneepad pockets. MASCOT® Waterloo MASCOT Waterloo is certified according to EN 14404, Type 2, Class 1, which is the norm for knee protectors for working in a kneeling position.

    But in order to get full use of your knee protector you should then have trousers with the right fit. Kneepads should not bother you when you walk and stand. However they should immediately be placed in the right place when you kneel down. This is one reason why it is vital that you choose trousers in the correct length (and waist circumference). With MASCOT you have the opportunity to choose between different trouser lengths, and for each model and size is the kneepad location is unique. This is why you can be sure with MASCOT trousers that the knee protection area is always there -- where the knee is. This is not the case if you are shopping for long trousers and pull them up. Use for the MASCOT Measurement Chart to help you find the correct size.

    When you have serious kneeling work to do, ergonomics trousers are crucial. Choose trousers with an ergonomically shaped cuff and ergonomically designed leg if you want to make sure that the trousers simultaneously provide good mobility and support you in all your movements. In addition, a special design is made in behind the knee so that a lot of fabric does not accumulate which can bother you when you kneel down. In the vast majority of MASCOT trousers a kneepad is inserted from above and fastened with velcro, so there is no access for debris.

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