The Foundation Casting

    Headquarters 2015 - MASCOT® WORKWEAR
    Sun, 01 Nov 2015
    Today MASCOT marked that the company is gathering its employees from six addresses in Silkeborg in a new headquarters in Pårup. The foundation casting for 30.058 m2 has started in the attendance of 170 guests.

    MASCOT’s new headquarters will be at the north-eastern corner plot, where the Herning-Silkeborg motorway intersects main road 13 between Viborg and Vejle.

    A very significant event

    On a very central place on the ridge of Central Jutland, the Mayor of Ikast-Brande Municipality Carsten Kissmeyer today officially began the foundation casting together with MASCOT’s owner and CEO, Michael Grosbøl. »Today we stand and see the first visible evidence that one of MASCOT’s great wishes is about to come true«, said a clearly delighted Michael Grosbøl: »We are very much looking forward to gathering all Danish employees here in about a year and a half. In recent years, we have become a larger and more international company, and this requires that we have the surroundings to accommodate the realisation of our continuously growing ambitious goals and the professional set-up that is needed.«

    Interview - 2015 - Michael Grosbøl

    Securing future growth

    MASCOT is a family-run company with Michael Grosbøl as CEO leading a total of 2.300 employees. He is the second generation in the family at that post, and during the beginning of the casting, he had his father, founder and current chairman of the board John Grosbøl, by his side. »The company has now had more than 30 years behind it, and now is time for us to ensure the framework for growth for many years to come«, says Michael Grosbøl, who emphasises that the construction is future proof in every way. »The warehouse is as of now dimensioned for 2020, and then it is furthermore prepared to be easily expanded by 50%. When it needs to be expanded even more, it can be expanded to be five times larger, and after that we can take the land on the other side of the 530-meter-long driveway into use. So, the warehouse expansion options are gigantic. For the other departments and functions, it also applies that we can easily take more square meters into use, even though the more than 34.000 m2 for a start means that there is plenty of space when moving in.«

    The right framework in Ikast-Brande Municipality (Denmark)

    Michael Grosbøl makes no secret of the fact that the top professional approach from Ikast-Brande Municipality was absolutely crucial: »We are very satisfied that we got the optimal opportunities to make the dream come true in Ikast-Brande Municipality. I only have praise left for the collaboration with Ikast-Brande Municipality«, said Michael Grosbøl in his speech.
    Mayor of Ikast-Brande Municipality, Carsten Kissmeyer, was very welcoming, when Michael Grosbøl back in the day contacted the municipality to hear about the possibilities of establishing a new headquarters in the municipality, and concrete suggestions was quickly put on the table. Therefore, it was a smiling Mayor who today finally saw the first visible evidence that MASCOT is on its way to the municipality: »I am really happy that today we can start the foundation casting for the new MASCOT headquarters here in Pårup. We really appreciate that a company as large as MASCOT chooses to settle here in Ikast-Brande. It shows us that we have the right framework conditions – or in this case – manage to create the right framework conditions to be an attractive municipality to establish a business in.«

    2015 - Pårup - MASCOT HQ

    Casting instead of sod cutting

    The day was not marked as a ‘sod cutting ceremony’, as the construction machinery already in mid-September started establishing a 530-meter-long road on the site to get started. The road will connect the main road with the headquarters on the southern part of the site. The track is 15 meters wide and it should end up being an 8-meter-wide road, a drainage ditch and a bike track. The construction itself is cast and built slightly offset from each other. First the foundation for the warehouse is casted and then for the administration building.

    HQ - 2015

    An accommodating growth municipality

    Mayor Carsten Kissmeyer is looking forward to the construction progressing and not least the domicile being completed: »We hope that the MASCOT construction – which will give a significant and nice welcome to Ikast-Brande Municipality – also means that even more companies will see that this business area has a fantastic geographical location – with good connections, regardless of whether one comes from north, south, east or west. MASCOT’s move to Ikast-Brande Municipality provides even more exciting jobs for the local area, which we can use in our marketing to attract both new citizens and new companies. We are always ready with coffee if companies want to discuss the possibility of moving to Ikast-Brande Municipality«.

    Michael Grosbøl - 2015 Carsten Kissmeyer - 2015
    CEO MASCOT, Michael Grosbøl Mayor Ikast-Brande Municipality, Carsten Kissmeyer

    Facts about the construction

    • In total: 34.058 m2
    • 20.000 m2 automated high-bay storage warehouse including front area, inventory warehouse and printing department. The actual fully automated part with mini-load cranes and almost 400.000 cartons is approximately 7000 m2 in 20 meters height
    • 440.000 m2 plot

    Business Partners:

    • Architect: CF Møller
    • Entrepreneur: MJT
    • Consulting engineer: Midtconsult
    • Construction Entrepreneur: Gustav H. Christensen A/S
    • Concrete work: Mogens Lund A/S

    Drawing - MASCOT HQ - 2015

    Drawing - Inside HQ

    Pårup HQ - 2015 Drawing

    Pårup - Drawing - 2015