MASCOT rewarded with international award

    FROST AND SULLIVAN - Directors - 2016
    Sun, 17 Jul 2016

    Mascot International A/S received the “Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award” by the well-reputed market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

    MASCOT received the award after an extensive analysis of the European workwear market, as its workwear and safety footwear of high quality clearly differentiated it from the app. 700 other manufacturers of workwear in Europe. In centre of the market analysis was the company’s strategic focus on innovation and competitiveness, thus creating added value for the customer. The international market research firm Frost & Sullivan enhanced that MASCOT »is one of the few companies in the European workwear market with an unwavering focus on the customer«. In particular, MASCOT’s intelligent eCommerce solution is pointed out in the award.

    A request for more than good workwear

    In order to stand out from the many competitors in the highly competitive and price-sensitive market of workwear, it is no longer enough “only” to produce good workwear. Innovative service solutions are the key to retain the distributors and make the customers commit to the company’s products and brand. At the same time, shopping for workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) online has gained ground. While several manufacturers see the opportunity for direct marketing, MASCOT has with its E-PARTNER concept, chosen another way in.

    Intelligent eCommerce solutions for distributors as well as customer

    »MASCOT’s ingenious E-PARTNER program strikes a balance between strong distributor relationships and the benefits of eCommerce« outlines the report from Frost & Sullivan. The E-PARTNER program is in particular directed towards smaller distributors by providing them with a simple and uncomplicated solution to establish a platform for online sales instead of being eliminated as the link between manufacturer and end-user. Each distributor’s MASCOTwebshop is customized with logo and contact details and allows the distributor to offer MASCOT’s entire product range online, without the need to keep it all in stock. In addition, the customer also benefits from the many advantages of online shopping, however without having to forgo the convenience of bricks and mortar like e.g. individual, face-to-face customer attention.

    The E-PARTNER program is, however, not the only innovative eCommerce solution. With MASCOT® SmartStore, MASCOT provides its distributors as well as large and medium-sized customers with a free of charge, web-based and, in the industry, unique ordering system from where the complete order of workwear and PPE is automated, thus the administration efforts can be kept to a minimum.

    FROST & SULLIVAN - MIchael Grosbøl - 2016

    It is important to be agile and stabile

    MASCOT‘s managing director Michael Grosbøl, who together with the additional Danish management received the award, stated afterwards: »Regardless of the industry, for a B2B-company it is about attracting the right business partners because they are the ones you do business with. Thus, it is imperative to continuously look at every aspect of the business in order to remain an agile and stabile business partner in the long run.«

    Michael Grosbøl was enthusiastic about the award for strategic innovation. For many years, MASCOT has worked hard and focused on optimising the service, the logistics and several other aspects surrounding the company’s core products being workwear and safety footwear. »We have a strategic focus on being competitive also in service, as it is an aspect from where we can differentiate ourselves from the competitors. An example hereof is the eCommerce solutions to our distributors and customers, which also is the focal point in Frost & Sullivan’s awarding of MASCOT. It is not often that you focus on the service solutions without including the core products. That is why I am extra happy and proud that this aspect is the one being rewarded with the ”Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership” award« states Michael Grosbøl and adds with a smile »especially when we prior were rewarded for the quality of our products«. As he refers to the fact that MASCOT earlier has received Frost & Sullivan’s award for ”Product Quality Leadership”.

    The product development continues

    The innovation of service solutions does not stand still at MASCOT; neither does the continuous development of products. »MASCOT has launched many innovative products in the past few years with novel features,« states Frost & Sullivan, which also impacted the reward of MASCOT. Also here the focus lies on the end-users and their needs. In accordance with the company’s business philosophy – Tested to Work – the user of the workwear is included in the development process and each product has to go through several tests before it goes on sale.

    A perfect mix between product and service innovation – always with the customer in focus

    »The company’s balanced emphasis on product and service innovation has enabled it to establish its presence as a strong competitor in the European workwear market« states Frost & Sullivan. At the same time »the company also understands the importance of distributors in the value chain and constantly strives to serve them better, together with the end-users of workwear«. The convincing results in the areas of product innovation, service and customer-focus were the decisive factors in rewarding MASCOT with Frost & Sullivan’s „Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award“. Or as Michael Grosbøl puts it: »We have developed from only being European champion within workwear to now being European champion within entire workwear solutions«.


    About the award

    Receiving the Frost & Sullivan 2015 European Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award is a compelling, third-party validation of a company's growth strategy and execution. Mascot International’s Best Practice Award is a very strong indicator to employees, investors, customers, and the public that Mascot International A/S has superior solutions and a viable strategy in the workwear market (Frost & Sullivan).