Safety footwear with Boa® closure system

    BOA® Safety footwear - MASCOT 2016
    Mon, 05 Sep 2016

    Safety footwear must provide the maximum protection and the best comfort, while being designed to suit any working situation. There is a wide range of options. If you are required to frequently put on and remove your shoes at work, or if you would like an alternative to normal laces, the Boa® closure system is the obvious choice for you.

    MASCOT’s new collection of safety footwear, DYNAMIC, contains four models with the Boa® closure system: MASCOT® Petros, MASCOT® Kailash, MASCOT® Tatra and MASCOT® Grofa.

    Boa® - shoe fastening made simple

    The Boa® closure system offers you safety footwear that combines optimum comfort with quick shoe fastening. Safety footwear with the Boa® system ensures that your safety footwear is always a good fit. The dial can be turned with just one hand. It fastens the shoe easily for the perfect fit, thanks to the stainless steel laces. It can then be opened again quickly if you need to take your shoes. The dial can be finely adjusted for the perfect fit with no pressure points. The stainless steel laces are extremely strong, and the closure system is unaffected by water, mud and ice.

    BOA® Safety Shoe - 2016

    DYNAMIC is an excellent choice for an active working day, in which fit and safety are of primary importance. Apart from the Boa® closure system, MASCOT has considered function, user requirements and work situations in its design of the new safety shoes, boots and sandals.

    Features of the new safety footwear in the DYNAMIC collection

    Apart from the patented Boa® closure system and the outstanding comfort provided by a flexible mid-sole and lots of room in the ergonomically-designed toe cap, MASCOT® Petros, MASCOT® Kailash, MASCOT® Tatra and MASCOT® Grofa also feature a sporty look and a transparent sole that does not leave marks on the surface. In addition, all safety footwear models have a lining made from SILVADUR™, which is an anti-bacterial material that prevents odours lingering.