The Boa closure system is a revolutionary lace technology for safety footwear. MASCOT offers safety shoes, safety boots, and safety sandals with Boa.

You can now go to work in safety footwear that you can take on and take off extremely quickly and which does not become unfastened. The Boa closure system ensures easy closure of safety footwear using a smart turn and click system. When you choose MASCOT’s safety shoes, safety boots or other footwear that uses the technology, you are guaranteed footwear that fits comfortably and securely - every time, even when you have to take your shoes on and off many times throughout the day.

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How does it work?

The Boa closure system is extremely easy to use in your daily work. Save time by using the Boa system instead of shoes with textile laces, and get super comfort from footwear that provides support in all the right places.


You close your safety footwear with Boa by turning the disc until the stainless steel wire helps create a snug fit on your foot. Close - Boa®
Open By lifting the disc you can easily open your safety shoes, boots and sandals. When lifting the disk the steel wires loosen, making it easier to lift your feet out of the footwear. Open - Boa®
The combination of the Boa closure system and MASCOT’s design offers you the best conditions for safety shoes, safety boots, and safety sandals that fit perfectly and last a long time.

Benefits and features

  • The perfect closure system that does not create pressure points ensures maximum comfort.
  • The wheel can be finely adjusted for the perfect fit.
  • An easy system that can be opened and closed with one hand.
  • Effective and strong closure keeps your feet safe all day long.
  • Boa stainless steel tie laces are stronger per gram than tank armour.
  • The closure system repels water, mud and ice.