MASCOT Laos is placed at the top

    SA8000 - 2016 - Laos
    Tue, 04 Oct 2016

    After months of preparations, MASCOT Laos is finally SA 8000-certified. The first company in Laos certified after the more stringent criteria in SA 8000/2014.

    The independent auditors from British Standards were full of praise during the final audit of the company. »We have never seen a company at this level in Laos. It is very, very positive,« said the head of the audit-team Nguyen Thu Ha in his presentation.

    The auditors focused on all areas of the company, such as: wages and working conditions, safety in all departments, HR-administration and the company’s educational efforts.

    According to the new and more stringent criteria, the company among other things has a duty to set up a Service Performance Team, that continuously monitors if the company complies with its obligations. The team functions independently from the company’s management and has the authorisation to submit improvement proposals. In case of disagreement, the team has a right to notify the independent SA 8000 auditors.

    SA8000 - Men & Women - 2016

    The new criteria for SA 8000 has a far higher focus on discrimination: The company has an obligation to focus on this area and intervene if they suspect discrimination in the workplace because of gender, race, sexuality etc.