Denmark’s Foreign Affairs Minister

    Kristian Jensen
    Tue, 11 Oct 2016

    Denmark’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen, visited MASCOT Vietnam today. The minister showed great interest in getting a closer look at how MASCOT’s products are made.

    Kristian Jensen was particularly interested in hearing about the very thorough quality control of both raw materials and sewing processes as well as the good working conditions.
    In addition to the tour of the facilities, the Minister and his government officials had an hour long conversation with MASCOT Vietnams’ Managing Director, Thomas Bo Pedersen and MASCOT IT and Logistics Director, Lars Spang Kjeldsen, about MASCOTs experiences with doing business in Vietnam.

    MASCOT Vietnam’s Managing Director, Thomas Bo Pedersen, greeting the Foreign Minister, Kristian Jensen, and the rest of the delegation upon their arrival at MASCOT earlier today. The welcoming committee consisted of, among others: Executive Assistant Phan My Ha, Finance Manager Nguyen Van Hung, IT and Logistics Director Lars Spang Kjeldsen and HR and Administration Manager Trinh Thuy Mai.

    Vietnam - 2016 - Kristian Jensen

    At MASCOT it is always a pleasure to open our doors to visitors. At the same time, it is a good opportunity to discuss possibilities and challenges. MASCOT Vietnam’s Managing Director, Thomas Bo Pedersen, had this to say about the visit: »It is of great value to us as a company when an official delegation from Denmark visits Vietnam. The Minister indicated that he has presented the challenges we have as a company in Vietnam, including corruption, up to the Vietnamese Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister. It is good to see that Denmark uses every opportunity to speak for Danish companies out here.«

    The already well dressed Minister, had his wardrobe supplemented with a little surprise from MASCOT: A solid, temperature-regulating MASCOT® Frontera winter jacket for the cold months in Denmark. The Minister was accompanied by, among others, Trade Council Director from Denmark, Lars Thuesen, and the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, Charlotte Laursen.

    2016 - Kristian Jensen - MASCOT® WORKWEAR

    The visit at MASCOT was part of Kristian Jensen’s short tour of Vietnam and Thailand. In a press release from Foreign Ministry earlier this week Kristian Jensen stated that the purpose of business visits is the following: »Danish companies can provide solutions for some of the bigger challenges in Southeast Asia – sustainable cities, renewable energy, environment and health. We are already well on the way with growth consultants and emerging market strategy in Vietnam and strong businesses in both countries, but the competition is tough. I will work actively towards that even more Danish companies can gain entry on the growing markets of Southeast Asia and put trade and market access on the agenda in my meetings with governments and companies. The visit will also be used to push for new free trade agreements with the region – it is an essential ingredient to create development and employment.«

    2016 - Kristian Jensen