Distinguished visitors

    MASCOT® WORKWEAR Laos - 2016
    Mon, 17 Oct 2016

    “It is fantastic to see such a nice factory in our country. I hope that more investors will follow your example.”

    Nobody tried to hide their excitement when MASCOT Laos was visited by a distinguished delegation led by the President of the National Assembly, Madam Pany Yathotu, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Madam Khemmany Pholsena, and the Chairman of the Vientiane Municipality in the capital, Anouphab Thoulalom.

    »I am very happy to hear that MASCOT creates jobs for our ethnic minorities. I understand that 40% of MASCOT’s employees are Hmong’s like myself,« said Madam Yathotu.

    MASCOT Laos - 2016

    »It is very important for the development of Laos that we can attract investors like MASCOT,« noted the Minister of Industry and Commerce Madam Khemmany Pholsena, who visited MASCOT for the fifth time. She has personally followed MASCOT’s project from the beginning, and she noted with an appreciative smile that the products from MASCOT’s factory says ‘Made in Laos’.

    The President of Planning Commission, Finance and Audit, Dr. Vilayvong Bouddakham, praised MASCOT for the company’s systematic education program for unskilled women: »It is wonderful to see how these previously poor women have gotten into the job market through employment at MASCOT,« he said.

    2016 - MASCOT Laos

    The delegation got a guided tour by MASCOT Laos’ Managing Director Thomas Bo Pedersen, who also recently had the pleasure of showing MASCOT Vietnam to the Danish Foreign Affairs Minister, Kristian Jensen.

    MASCOT Laos is, after a successful start-up period, a highly efficient production facility with approximately 600 employees. MASCOT Laos primarily produces winter workwear under ultramodern conditions with the best available machines and other production equipment in air conditioned facilities.

    Laos - MASCOT® WORKWEAR - 2016

    In addition, MASCOT Laos has employee benefits rarely seen in Laos, including its own medical clinic for the employees and free, healthy food in the canteen. MASCOT Laos became SA 8000 certified this summer according to the new, more stringent criteria, where external inspections conducted by British Standards regularly check that the working conditions are of a high international standard.

    2016 - MASCOT® - Laos

    The tour also passed MASCOT’s very own medical clinic in the factory. MASCOT’s doctor Anongsavanh Sengchanpeng told about ensuring the employees’ health through daily medical care and preventive campaigns.