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    Dress in Layers - 2017 Press
    Sun, 22 Jan 2017

    Keeping warm and dry when working through the winter months requires something extra from your workwear. In addition, many construction sites demand that your workwear hold the visibility certification EN ISO 20471. Get it all in two newly developed ranges from MASCOT.

    You know the drill. Some days it is too cold in the morning to work in only a sweatshirt, but by lunchtime, it’s too hot for a jacket. Then, when you’re most busy, it starts to rain. Maybe you have to swing by a construction site that demands high-visibility clothing. It can be hard to find one piece of workwear that fits all your needs.

    Choose from a wide range of products

    It is about being able to create functional combinations of the individual craftsman’s favourite product types. Just as the weather differs, each individual worker in the construction industry also has different preferences. Some prefer a heavy winter jacket, while others prefer an outer shell jacket and still others, a water-repellent thermal jacket. MASCOT has launched two full ranges of workwear that fit perfectly together in design and functionality, creating a virtually endless number of combination possibilities.

    Two innovative workwear ranges

    One is a relaunch of MASCOT® HARDWEAR, an innovative workwear range for construction. It contains a host of smart details from magnetic closures and extraordinary insulation materials to jackets with a high hydrostatic head rating and trousers with stretch. The other range is MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME containing many of the same features as well as being a full range with the safety certification EN ISO 20471.

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    MASCOT® HARDWEAR combines many advanced and thoroughly tested fabric qualities. For example, combine the MASCOT® Reims knitted jumper, which has breathable and insulating properties, with the outer shell jacket MASCOT® Gandia, and you create a good base through the winter. This combination enables you to regulate your clothing as the weather changes to ensure that your body always has the right temperature. The fluorescent details on the products make for easy combinations with MASCOT’s hi-vis products. MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME is for the wearer that demands something extra from their protective workwear. A high safety class is easily achievable by layering products so you have comfort, temperature regulation and safety in mind. By wearing the hi-vis gilet MASCOT® Grimsby over a non-fluorescent hoodie and trousers you achieve safety class 1. If you combine your outfit with the MASCOT® Kendal safety trousers, your overall outfit will reach the highest safety standard, class 3. The hoodie with fluorescent details, MASCOT® Motril, carries no certification but it fits perfectly together with the rest of the outfit.

    Achieve the best protection with ‘mix and match’

    The idea is that by combining your favourite products from these two ranges you can withstand the wind, water and cold. You can achieve effective moisture wicking, or meet the highest safety standard by putting on a jacket from the MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME range when you move into areas where it is required. If you always work in areas where hi-vis workwear is required, you can wear the smartly designed thermal jackets, thermal gilets and fleece jumpers from MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME as outer garments and match perfectly with the products from MASCOT® HARDWEAR. It all fits perfectly together – and can be combined for all situations.

    Keep it in layers

    Here are a few rules of thumb for what you should look for when you put together your clothing based on the principle of layering. The inner layer’s most important function is to be moisture wicking and quick drying to prevent cooling of the body. The middle layer has to be insulating, and you can add as many layers as it takes to stay warm. In situations with severe cold and rain, an extra layer is necessary and with this outermost layer, the most important factor is that it be wind and waterproof. Finally, all layers must be breathable to allow moisture to evaporate.

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    Complete solutions are important. Combine products from among the ranges to help fulfil the demands for your workday. Workwear’s outer layer has to protect you against wind and weather while keeping you dry so choose a jacket certified according to EN 343 and EN 342 protection against rain, wind and cold. The MASCOT® Tolosa winter jacket is breathable, wind and waterproof, and the unique insulation effectively keeps you warm. The jacket combines perfectly with the MASCOT® Kendal trousers, and your outfit will reach a class 2 certification.