Ultra-lightweight safety footwear

    2019-MASCOT FOOTWEAR MOVE-F0300-909 Safety Shoe
    Thu, 11 Apr 2019
    MASCOT® FOOTWEAR MOVE is a brand new collection of safety shoes and boots which stands out from previous collections with its ultra-lightweight, modern design and innovative midsole. Thanks to the combination of a low weight and flexible sole materials, this footwear collection is particularly pliable and extremely comfortable to wear.

    The new MASCOT® FOOTWEAR MOVE collection that will launch this spring, has a firm focus on optimum comfort and freedom of movement. The collection comprises five different shoe models, each with their own unique look, colour and fastening system, but all based on the same fundamental features.

    Innovative sole materials

    The main feature of the collection is the unique midsole, which comes in an innovative and ultra-lightweight Phylon material. The Phylon sole is made from EVA, which is transformed via a special compression technique into a tough and sturdy foam, with added air bubbles that provide a particularly lightweight and elastic sole. In addition, all of the safety footwear has a detachable, shock-absorbing insole, which protects the back and legs from impact throughout the working day. This ensures optimum comfort all day long – even on hard surfaces and after many hours of working on your feet.

    Extra lightweight safety footwear

    The MOVE collection consists of safety shoes and - boots with a low weight starting at merely 440 grams, giving them impressive flexibility and comfort in all work situations. This ultra low weight has been possible thanks to the footwear’s special Phylon midsole, its lightweight composite toe cap and a nail protection made from an advanced and highly specialised fabric.

    Full safety

    All models in the MOVE collection are fitted with an outer sole made from natural rubber, which allows the safety footwear to withstand up to 300°C contact heat. The safety footwear also comes with heel reinforcements and non-marking outer soles, helping you to protect and look after floors and other surfaces in your workplace. All MOVE models are ESD approved and approved in accordance with EN ISO 20345: 2011, safety class S1P or S3.

    MASCOT® FOOTWEAR MOVE is available to buy/order from your MASCOT distributor. The footwear comes with both classic lace fastening and with the Boa® Fit system, and several of the models are available for both men and women.