Durable clothes for children from a renowned workwear manufacturer

    2019-Models Children's T-shirts Children's Fleece Jumpers
    Tue, 18 Jun 2019

    MASCOT is launching a complete selection of children's clothing with excellent freedom of movement. The new childrenswear range is designed for an active everyday life full of exercise and play. The clothes are made from the same durable materials as adult workwear products, meaning that they are well suited to withstand games and play that are tough on the knees and the seat of the trousers. The assortment for children is a part of the new MASCOT® ACCELERATE range that includes clothing for both men, women, children.

    MASCOT designs and develops workwear for a wide range of branches and industries and is now launching a selection of completely new products for children – with a focus on durability and complete freedom of movement for all sorts of activities.

    Strong traditions from the world of workwear

    All of the childrenswear has been designed to give children the best possible preconditions to play and move freely. It is a complete assortment available in sizes 3–14 years – with everything from T-shirts and jumpers through to snowsuits and ski suits – from inner to outer layers. The clothes are perfect for play and exercise thanks to elastic materials and because it is easy to take on and off. Children can also match mum and dad's workwear – with colours and designs that are exactly the same. And that is truly awesome in the eyes of any child!

    Four-way stretch material ensures freedom of movement and excellent wear resistance

    Many of MASCOT children's products have been made using a unique four-way stretch material that can be stretched in all directions. This means that the clothes follow your children's movements and leave plenty of space for fun and play. The stretch fabric is also incredibly durable and wear-resistant. So there is no need to worry about holes or tears when you send your children out to play. MASCOT children's trousers are also reinforced with CORDURA® fabric at the knees.


    Oeko-Tex® labelled

    All of the materials used in MASCOT's childrenswear have been carefully selected to ensure garments that can be used and washed again and again without losing their shape or colour. Moreover, all MASCOT children's products are Oeko-Tex® labelled which ensures that the clothing does not contain any hazardous substances or materials.

    Great fit

    A good fit is essential when it comes to comfort and appearance. MASCOT's childrenswear products boast an ergonomic fit that ensures the garments sit well regardless of posture or movement. Some of the products also have elastic and drawstring adjustment at the waist making it possible to tighten the clothing as needed.


    MASCOT's selection of childrenswear is available in sizes 104–164. The clothes are available in several different colour combinations.


    2019-Models Children's Fleece Jumpers