• For all employees
    • Across industries and roles
    • Supreme comfort and ultimate freedom of movement with ULTIMATE STRETCH

    MASCOT® ACCELERATE is workwear in a wealth of different fabric qualities and fits for both men and women. The range allows for a uniform corporate image across job roles thanks to the countless possibilities it offers to mix and match. The range is designed for trade, logistics, industry, production and laundry contracts.

    Mix and match at all levels

    One of MASCOT® ACCELERATE's greatest strengths is the possibilities it offers to mix and match at all levels. The wide breadth of products in MASCOT® ACCELERATE offers an endless array of possible combinations across the range. Find products to match functions, colours and your needs.

    • Match your entire company – both men and women
    • Mix colours – and retain a streamlined look
    • Match all professions – product functions for all lines of work
    • Mix products which are well suited for industrial washing – huge selection of ProWash® products
    • Match your trousers to the job – different fabric qualities for different needs and roles
    • Mix your tops – inner and outer layers for all climates

    Huge selection of ULTIMATE STRETCH products which are suitable for industrial washing

    With the MASCOT® ACCELERATE range, MASCOT is accelerating its stretch fabric to a whole new level. MASCOT's fabric quality 511 combines ultimate stretch fabric with an ability to withstand industrial washing – without compromising on either wear resistance or comfort. The fabric quality has been developed using the most advanced elastic fibres on the market. The result is trousers and tops that can withstand industrial washing and tunnel drying – while also providing you with unparalleled freedom of movement throughout the entire working day.

    Winter GiletT-shirt for womenWinter Jacket

    Tops for all weathers

    Whether you are looking for a moisture wicking inner layer, an insulating middle layer or a wind and waterproof outer layer, you'll find it in MASCOT® ACCELERATE. By layering up in different combinations you can enjoy optimal protection in all weather conditions.

    ACCELERATEWinter GiletT-shirt for womenWinter Jacket

    Trousers for every situation

    Trousers in the MASCOT® ACCELERATE range come in different fabric combinations. Each fabric combination has its own completely unique properties, so you and your colleagues can choose the exact right clothes for your work and preferences while still matching the same cohesive look that characterises your workplace.

    Fits for women

    MASCOT® ACCELERATE offers a complete range of clothes for women. Women's trousers and skirts in the range are available in two different fits: DIAMOND and PEARL. The best fit for you will depend on your body shape and the difference between your hip and waist measurements.

    • The general rule of thumb is that if there is only a small difference between your hip and waist measurements, then PEARL is the fit for you.
    • By the same token, if there is a difference of more than 20 cm between your hip and waist measurements, then DIAMOND is the fit to go for.

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