Lightweight trousers for men and women

    2019-Models Work trousers for women
    Tue, 18 Jun 2019

    As part of the MASCOT® ACCELERATE range, MASCOT is now launching lightweight trousers for both men and women. In addition to their extra light weight, these trousers also place focus on exceptional comfort and fit.

    The lightweight trousers are a part of the new MASCOT® ACCELERATE range – a range of specially designed workwear for both men and women that includes more than 70 new products in six different colours. The width of the range means it is possible to meet all company needs across a wide range of employee preferences and sector requirements – and in different colours, too. This is the single greatest strength of the new range. With these new lightweight trousers, MASCOT offers uniform trousers for both men and women that make it possible to create a single corporate image for your entire company.

    Low weight and high cotton content

    Their low weight is the key defining feature of these new workwear trousers. The trousers are made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and have a total weight of just 205 g/m2. This low weight makes the trousers particularly comfortable to wear, and unlike bulkier and more traditional workwear trousers, these lightweight alternatives smoothly follow the movements of your body. And while the trousers might be super lightweight, they are far from being short on details. The trousers are equipped with front and back pockets, a thigh pocket with phone pocket, an integrated ID card holder and a CORDURA®-reinforced ruler pocket.

    Two newly developed fits for women

    For many women it can be a challenge to find workwear in just the right fit. In order to tackle this challenge, MASCOT is now launching not just one but two new fits for women. These new fits are called DIAMOND and PEARL. The purpose of these fits is to help more women find workwear trousers that not only fit, but which actually provide optimal freedom of movement and exceptional comfort. Nobody likes trousers that are too tight, roomy in the wrong places or which quite simply do not sit properly around the waist.
    The difference between the two fits is the relation between hip and waist measurements: The PEARL fit is designed for women with a difference of less than 20 cm between their hip and waist measurements. DIAMOND, on the other hand, is for women with a difference of more than 20 cm between their hip and waist measurements.


    MASCOT always recommends that you try on your workwear trousers before making a purchase. This will help make sure you choose trousers in the right size and fit, and with the correct leg length. In this way, you are sure that trousers are comfortable to wear.


    Trousers from MASCOT® ACCELERATE can be purchased/ordered from MASCOT's distributors. The trousers are available in different colours (dark navy, black and dark anthracite) and in a range of different sizes, as well as three different leg lengths for men and two different leg lengths for women.



    18779-230 MASCOT® ACCELERATE trousers, extra lightweight


    18478-230 MASCOT® ACCELERATE trousers, extra lightweight – DIAMOND fit
    18488-23 MASCOT® ACCELERATE trousers, extra lightweight – PEARL fit