Roda JC Kerkrade and MASCOT® WORKWEAR extends sponsoring agreement

    Roja JC - Parkstad Limburg
    Tue, 18 Jun 2019

    The Danish family-owned company known for producing workwear and safety footwear will be present on Roda JC’s shirt for at least another season.

    During the last two seasons (2017-2018 and 2018-2019), MASCOT® WORKWEAR has been the main sponsor of Roda JC.

    Michael Grosbøl, managing director of MASCOT states: »We are very much looking forward to continue our cooperation with this hardworking club and its dedicated fans. We hope that MASCOT’s commitment will contribute to Roda JC’s strategic goals and its ambition to return to the Eredivisie.«

    Guido Aben, Head of Sales Roda JC Kerkrade: »We are very proud to announce that MASCOT and Roda JC are continuing their intensive collaboration. We are looking forward to the upcoming season with a lot of trust. Together we will reach our collateral goals like we did during the last two seasons.«

    The cooperation between Roda JC and MASCOT is made with respect for the ambitions for both the sportive and the business level. During the two years of cooperation, Roda JC and MASCOT have built a strong relationship. As main sponsor of Roda JC, MASCOT has its own showroom of more than 100m2 inside the Parkstad Limburg Stadion. Here the MASCOT partners and customers can come by and experience the full MASCOT concept.

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