Workwear developed and tested to withstand industrial washing

    2019 - ProWash® - Fleece Jumper
    Mon, 04 Nov 2019
    With MASCOT® ACCELERATE, MASCOT is, for the first time, launching products made from stretch materials that can withstand industrial washing and drying processes. A unique stretch fibre is used to allow the clothing to handle repetitive industrial washing processes while maintaining its stretch properties, providing complete freedom of movement.

    MASCOT® ACCELERATE is a brand new range of smart, functional and very durable workwear in new industry colours. With more than 70 products in the range you will find a complete selection of workwear for men and women that tolerates industrial washing and drying.

    Comfort first

    With MASCOT® ACCELERATE, MASCOT has developed a four-way stretch material that tolerates industrial washing. The stretch material feels particularly comfortable to wear while it easily follows your movements. The range is an ideal choice for workers who need workwear that tolerates industrial washing, but who also require optimum freedom of movement.

    Tested to withstand industrial washing

    The products in MASCOT® ACCELERATE are tested in accordance with the EN ISO 15797 industry standard, and are labelled with ProWash®, which means they tolerate industrial washing at 75 degrees Celcius and subsequent industrial drying. MASCOT's ProWash® products are long-lasting and retain both shape and colour, even after repeated industrial washing and drying. Even if your clothes don't necessarily need to be industrially washed, the repeated test procedures are also of benefit to you. The selected materials are of exceptional quality, and the workwear is particularly durable, which means you won't need to keep buying new products.

    A total solution

    MASCOT® ACCELERATE is a wide range of workwear for both indoor and outdoor use, and for many different work situations and industries. The range comprises everything from T-shirts to winter jackets, and both trousers and shorts, as well as skirts for women. With the range, MASCOT gives you the opportunity to put together a complete outfit for both men and women. The six colours and endless combination possibilities available in MASCOT® ACCELERATE also allow companies to create their own corporate look.

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